Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When the People Spoke

A film by Ammer al-Zuhair.

It showed the different sides of the struggle in the journey to women's rights in Kuwait, and which really is an excellent reflection of Kuwaiti society and politics.

It reminds us of who we are and what we are and what our responsibilities are towards are country.

Very emotional.

Not to be missed.

Thank you Mr. Al-Zuhair for this outstanding film and all it did to us last night and all that it will do in the future.

Thank you N for inviting me to watch it :)

Note: The screening was private because the film has been banned for public screening by the ministry of information (typos in this sentence are deliberate).

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Japanese Weekend in Dubai

Japanese toilets are now in the Marhaba (i think) lounge in Dubai Airport.

Verdict: plan 10 minutes for number 1 & make sure you have the drier temperature set before drying

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