Monday, May 30, 2005


What compels some bloggers to post their pictures?

Note: Self confidence is a blessing from the gods.


I insist on a chubby or obese man, i feel they are more loving and caring. Note: by definition, obese is 10 Kg overweight or more.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

H & M

The hypocrisy of some people in this society never ceases to amaze me. Bu J, you cannot be more right about this.

A younger relative of mine was complaining that he cannot really fit into Kuwaiti society because he feels it is too materialistic, and he is finding himself in a dilemma: to ignore all aspects of it and become an outcast, or to conform. I had one thing to tell him and i hope i never forget this 'no matter what you have or ever will have, you are who you are. You are born into the family which you are now part of and to the parents who gave you life. Nothing will change that, and you have all the reasons to be very proud of it.'

Not Another Saturday

1. You know how i hate Saturdays? Well, today isn't that bad. At least time is flying, and i am not tired although i woke up 40 minutes before my alarm and slept 2 hours past my bed time (i started a new job as social worker from 12-2).

2. I'm sun burnt, i haven't gotten a sun burn in 20 years!

3. I miss Bu J.

4. Don't you hate it when people tell you something when its TOO late to do anything about it? All you can do is get mad & bite your tongue.

Monday, May 23, 2005


(Thoughts instigated by Paulo Coelho’s 'The Alchemist', a must read, or a must re-read).

I woke up after a beautiful sun kissed weekend, followed by a wonderfully planned Saturday evening thinking 'what is my destiny'? I know that it is not my destiny to drive to Sabhan every morning. I know it is more. In the book the author says that we all know our destinies as youngsters, but we forget them along the way. Along the way we do what is easiest, or we purposefully neglect our destinies so that we do not face the 'what now?' question and thus realizing the smallness of our lives.

I sat down to remember the dreams of young Sheba. There were plenty. She wanted to be a diplomat, a spy, a jeweller, and an architect, among many. She was always successful, she always lived alone in a small modern house, and someone would always knock the door to leave a baby at her door step, which she would take care of.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Just When..

Just when i think i know it all... I find that i know nothing.

Just when i think i understand people.. i find that i understand no one.

Just when i think i understand some aspects of life.. i find that i understand nothing.

It takes just one incident to confuse the hell out of me.

Must remember to never take anything for granted.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Kuwaiti At Last

I feel complete. Congratulations are in order for all Kuwaitis, Gulf citizens and non-citizens, Arabs, and Muslims. Women have been recognized as equals in politics in Kuwait.

Driving to work I felt strong pride. I’m proud to be Kuwaiti again. Actually, I am proud to finally be Kuwaiti. To have a say. To count. To make a difference.

This is a text message I sent to my female friends and acquaintances:

To all Kuwaiti women: Congratulations on our right to run and vote. I would like to remind you that the future of our country is now in our hands. We are responsible for voting for the right people. Let us not take this lightly. Do not depend on others to show up and hope that they select your representatives. Be there for you, your children, for Kuwait.

Monday, May 16, 2005


Why are people more comfortable making assumptions rather than coming out and asking you directly 'are you gay?' or 'are you dating so & so?' or 'do you like me?'

Are we afraid of embarrasing the persons concerned? Or do we want to act civilized and are not bothered with other people's business? Or is it more fun to assume (more gossip material)?

P.S. I Apologize for disappearing with out much notice. Was travelling.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Crush Over

Dear Bloggers (gay, heterosexual, modern heterosexual, & undecided), and Bloggerinas,

This is an announcement and please do not denounce me for it. But my crush on Mr. Financial Advisor is over! It lasted approximately 14 hours, 4 of which i was sleeping, 4 of which i was eating, 4 of which i was blogging, and 2 of which i was watching Tv/ talking to friends & chatting with Georhythm (she's SAS straight, available, & sexy btw).

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Oh grow up Sheba!

Yes, that is me talking to myself!

For the first time, i spoke on the phone with my 'financial advisor', who i have had a professional relationship with (for 2 years), and whom i have never met before.

I have seen his pictures in the paper (& he’s seen my picture in the paper too). No he’s not famous, but he’s had one or two appearances. He’s dark and sexy, and he looks the silent type.

Yes, of course there is something more than professional there, and I know that simply because he gains NOTHING from giving me the very valuable advice which he has been giving me.

His voice was just right, masculine, but not harsh. He was jovial, and very professional.

And now i cannot get him out of my mind!

Before I slept, I wished I can talk to him, but of course I wasn’t going to call!

And beep beep goes my Nokia (God bless the Swedes!) and it was a message from him ‘Miss me?’

Note to any guy interested: Its just a CRUSH!

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Option Two

Smart Girls Have Option Two

I was talking to a friend of mine, who has been going out steady with her boyfriend for some time. We were laughing at an insider joke, when I told her that smart girls have Option Two.

Option Two is the back up plan for Option One. Meaning, if her long term boyfriend defaulted in popping a ring or in failing to commit, then she should have Option Two. Option Two is the contingency plan, if Option One fails to materialize.

What do you think of Smart Girls’ Option Two?

I know it works, we’ve seen it so many times, but I must warn, HAPPINESS is not part of this package. The Option Two plan only guarantees a ring on your finger a couple of children.

So how ethical/unethical is the Option Two plan?

When should a girl start planning for Option Two?

Should these issues be discussed with the Boyfriend?

Note: Sheba is NOT smart

Did You know?

That plastic migrates into fatty (& non fatty) foods, especially when it has been in contact with the food for a long time.

That a tan will make you look slimmer.

That 'Arab' is not an ethnicity, it is simply a language.

Dubai is kicking our a$$ (sans parliament) because they have a vision and not enough locals to mess it up?

I'm still single!!

And....... last but not least important, the best boy shorts are from Top Shop.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Push Ups!

The first generation of Wonder bras promised us a cleavage, but they never mentioned the risk of suffocation.

I was at the gym on Friday and it seemed like it was Dolly Parton day. As i was expressing that I am feeling self conscious, to my cousin/friend, he said 'I am simply unconscious'. Hilarious!

Well the day continued to somehow steer in that direction.

Later on, after dinner, another friend tells his story of how important he thinks breast size is to him. Which i think was inconsiderate, because we (women) never talk about men's sizes (when we're in men's company) for 3 reasons:

1. Its rude
2. Its inconsiderate (to those less fortunate beings)
3. Its inconsiderate (to those less fortunate beings)

So his story was that he was mesmerized by a girl he knew for 2 years, until one day he was disillusioned by the fact that her push up bra was filled with water balloons. How he found that out, we still don't know. (We still don't know, but it is to be continued).

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