Saturday, September 24, 2005

Cut that Umbilical Cord

New age mommies (NAMs) spend 3-6 hours a day doing their kid's homework. When i took a look at the Arabic and Math syllabuses i sort of excused them... Until i slowly discovered what NAMs are really doing.

They sit opposite their kids, mobile & Tv off, or within close proximity, to make sure that their kids do their 'naskh' or whatever it is that elementary school kids are supposed to do. NAMs check every 10 minutes that the kids are not slacking off because without supervision these kids will do nothing.. Not because they are lazy or dumb, but because this is what they have been accustomed to!

I asked a few NAMs if this was how they were raised, all said 'no'. I still have not found the source of this phenomena, but I do feel that it is a form of overprotectiveness and the need for their children to be ever-depending on them.

Worst yet when the kids of NAMs go to University. The mommy goes with the kids to find them housing, she would buy all the kitchen and school utensils, duvet, thermals etc for her 18 year old 'child' and his/her roommate(s) and yes, she would also stay for the freshman initiation. Both parents would then visit their kids 4-5 times a year. The kids come back home for every vacation/holiday because they're homesick & miss machboos deyay and Lina their nanny (yes they don't cook either because they're still not allowed to play with fire).

Message to all mothers (and fathers), you are producing life time dependants and i know that you know that, but the result is grim. The outcome is 24-year olds who can do nothing on their own. When i remember how much i had done by the time i graduated and how 'underdeveloped' kids are these days, it breaks my heart how badly they’re missing out.


I hate this template, its too 'chicken nuggety' & 'non-dairy creamer' but its better than that clinical white one where i wasn't even allowed to change color of the font!

Wasii, miss you, wainech??

btw, W (aka Wasii) has found a job, tef tef masha'Allah. She's been unemployed since she graduated in 1989.

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ALOLA (First Investment)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Guilty - Tags

I hate tags mainly because they are SO boring.. So here a few questions i would like to know, so if you could be so nice to answer (some of them):

1. Have you had fantasies about other bloggers?

2. Are you jealous from others who are thinner/more beautiful/richer/more popular/ smarter/ funnier etc. than you? If yes, identify which aspect makes you most jealous.

3. When was the last time you picked your nose? What did you do with the bugger?

4. After doing number 2, do you:
a) wipe
b) wash
c) wash with soap & water
d) all of the above.

5. Are you arrogant?

6. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

يطرى عليكم

فير بو نار - ومبى النزهة - هبان بالبر - بولنج بالهيلتون - البر فى مشرف - مغازل مكاتيب ورق كشكول - بطاط بركات - ككاو بريك اوى الأصفر - كراش برتقال - سينما السيارات - جاتوه العالمية - جدات يلبسن الثوب - جواتى عيد لماعة - مسحب فرح- ترامبولين نادى الصيد - عباية و كليفج - انا المسيجينة - أتارى بالعالمية - درنكسوت بو ثلاث خطوط -

Post above was made in collaboration with Bu Jaij


Please cover it up


Please trim (at least) your nasal hair

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Grown Up Crush

Yes, Robert Downey Jr. And guess what? He just got married, just as i found my feelings towards him!

Question: If your wife/husband saw a celebrity she/he was madly in love with, would it be okay with you for them to kiss her/him?

Thursday, September 15, 2005

My Idols!

I fell in love with London all over again.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

North American Tsunami, KATRINA

My GOD! The scenes! Sad, scarry, horrific, sorry. Everytime i see the footage i feel sadder & sadder. The question reoccuring in my mind is why don't they build heavy duty houses like ours? Concrete and iron with heavy duty alluminium window profiles? Yes its expensive, but this damage, i am sure is a lot more expensive and hurtful. Moreover, in earthquake countries and areas (Japan & California for example), they have special specs for their buildings, so why not in hurricane prone places?

Muta Marriage

If you haven't followed the bloggersations that Q8Sultana and numerous bloggers had regarding muta, here is a glimps of it (oh and its taking forever for the previous post/comments to open for some reason, so for everyone's interest, i will post the last 2 comments here- and yes one of them is mine ;r)

q8Sultana said...
I think he's just trying to be safe than sorry.
He really seems to believe that this is the only way for us to be together as a couple. After a few weeks of knowing each other, he said he likes me and would like us to be more than just friends, but the only way he can do it is if we do muta. He said if I don't want to then we can stay just friends.
Surely sex is not the only thing that differentiates just friends and more than just friends, and he will only do any of that through muta. That involves even anything as simple as holding my hand, or hugging me.
If this is what he believes is right, I'm not going to make him change his mind. I don't even know enough of the subject to argue with him.
Why is everyone freaking out about this?

3:13 AM

Sheba said...
Everyone is freaking out because
1. Muta means 'pleasure'.
2. It is SO against what we all are trying to change about respect and equality to women in this society and we're kinda shocked that you are accepting it to yourself. Reminder: HE CAN HAVE INFINITE WIVES.
3. It is an obsolete marriage which was permitted during wars some 1400 years ago and some perverted cleric has decided he wants to have some fun so he brought it back.

Thats all.
Please note we're not attacking you, we're only trying to dissillusion you.

Best Regards,

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