Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Please cover it up

Ah, the good ol' camel toe. I'm with you: cover it up.
we need more toes....the chubby kind
Is it camel toe or camel foot? Perhaps it is camel hoof... well, whatever it is...ويـــــــــــــع
haha yep

bu jaij!!!!

e its called camel toe, but i do think camels have hoofs (wala madri shenu il technical term) but the above specimens are called 'camel toes'.
Definitely cover it up
You never know...after the breast cleavage and the now popular butt cleavage...Toe cleavage might be the next attraction for designers.

Bu Jaij,
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 Wallah chenek mestanis 3ela il camel toe :P

You can avoid camel toe situations by wearing a GG (tights) OR as Geo has informed me & i have tried this, grandma panties (sloggy bu short) are also good camel toe busters.
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Sheba ana ilyom 7aabitich! shino makhtha min elsib7 or last night please I gotta have what you had

mujarad ine imdawma wayed embacher & mali khelg ashtegel :P
Does anyone remember the Superstar finals 2 years ago, when Rowaida Atiya performed with a very obvious camel toe??

So embarrassing!
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