Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Wasmo, lat7ereeni! Cham marah agoolich i was there to work, & by the time i come back to central paris its 7 or 7:30 pm

Bess ashwa i had 3 hrs to spend at the shops on Saturday, bought 2 evening dresses & 1 rabbit fur sport jacket out of my huge list. Prada perfume & creme, Stila perfume & creme, & make up: Stilla pallet 3ajeeba, MAC AIDS foundation pallet of all their Viva glam lipsticks, and of course i took your recommendation & bought the glitter liquid eye liner from MAC. WASMO i wore it to the expo thinking it was a subtle shimmer, bess 6ala3 chinny ray7a night club in the middle of the day :p

Paul & Joe was 3ajeeb bess ma midani i shop from it :(

Oh & please forgive me, i forgot to pick up the SATC 6 from HMV at heathrow, but then again, i forgot everything else there as well :/

Love ya girl, hope you're feeling better. I think you should switch to European men, btw.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sheba à Paris

had another great great day at expo, i think we placed a belgian distibutor (who facies me- ye7laila), a spanish distributor & another french 1 too!

need a foot massage now

had dinner last night with our qatar distributor & wife, lebanon distributor, & bahraini lady at cafè de la paix. had fois gras, escargot, & onion soup (need energy) ;)

met with GM of competitor in KSA yukh! kinda pervy. invited me to dinner but i exchanged his invitation with a lunch at expo THANK GOD, claiming that i am taking out a client ;)

All X-mas lighting goes up à demain @7 pm & its late night shopping too (minor dilema). did you c the story on cnn about dolphins protecting swimmers for 40 mins from shark§ I LOVE DOLPHINS, i think i was one in an earlier life.

Im using hotel laptop in my room, i really like this hotel!

ok gotta hit the shower.

FRIENDS: pls dont leave msgs on my voicemail, i dont know how to retrieve them :x

P.S. french key boards r very different, so excusé moi pour mon typos!

P.S.S. this laptop remembers my blogger password, how do i undo that in french!

Sunday, November 14, 2004


First of al happy Eid to all of you.

Happy today, and been in a positive mood for some time now. Sitting alone thinking about everything and everyone i saw and didn't see this Eid, this thought came to me:

Depression is a relatively new replacement for sadness and grief, because depression is modern and has a pill (or a whole cabinet) to cure it. Widows in the old days (in some cultures) would wear black till the day they died. No one gave them any Prosac or St. Johnswort (herb) to put them out of their grief but nowadays if you are sad for longer than the 3 days they call the doctor for valium and anti-depressants. Key word is depression. We aren't allowed to go through the motions of grief and if we do we're automatically said to be 'depressed'. If we were allowed to go through our sadness and if we allow time to heal our pain, then perhaps we can see happiness again. Be aware of your feelings, and unless you have no reason to be sad, and its chronic, then go pop a pill!

Inspired by: A friend who just broke up with his very long term girlfriend (go have a fling dear), a friend who is still not over his ex-girlfriend (9 years later), and a friend who is still inlove with the ex-girlfriend who dumped him (2 years later).

Message to the girls: Please be careful whos heart you break (i suggest you target the jerks of the world).

Note: the example of a widow in black was used because like PSS once said 'the end of a relationship is like a mini death'.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Bow Tie at Sultan Center

3:30 pm, Sultan Center, West Market.

In my track suit, lemony face, & yesterday's mascara, hair unbrushed.

Running through the disposable isle looking for doilies, i look ahead to see if my cart can pass, but discover that it will be difficult because ahead of me blocking half the isle is a man in a grey suit and a red bow tie. His face was flowing out of his collar and on to the red bow tie. Red bow tie.

5 Minutes later, i find him infront of me again in the detergents isle, asking me where the sweets are (in Arabic). Red bow tie. Trying hard to keep a straight face, i pointed to the back of the supermarket to show him where. 10 minutes later, i'm picking up darabeel, i see him again & he came to show me his purchase of darabeel, asking me 'this is a Kuwaiti sweet right?', almost laughing this time, i said yes it is. Red bow tie. Mistaking my hidden giggles for fatal attraction, he asks 'and what if i can't find the sweets isle next time, can i call you?'. Red bow tie, face overflowing. Bess, eyes almost tearing but still restraining my giggles, i said 'la you can't, but i just wanted to know, why are you wearing a red bow tie?' Red bow tie! He said, 'its a tie, like a regular tie and can be worn like one too, there are many variations of ties. Red Indians wear leather and metal ones too.'

Sunday, November 07, 2004


1. What will happen when Ramadan is in August? Would people still go to St. Tropez to party? Or do they go to St. T for Eid only?

2. Why are (some) bloggers freaked out when they find out that their identity is known to others? Do they fear that they will be judged for their inner thoughts and inner voices? If they fear judgement, then why express their inner self in public to begin with? I say a big dose of confidence & and a big 6UZ is in order!

3. Where does sleep go in Ramadan?!

(-Sleepless in Block 2)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


Who said waxing is better than shaving?


1. Shaving doesn't hurt.
2. Shaving doesn't burn.
3. Shaving is fast.
4. You don't have to wait till the hair is 3 mm to shave again! (we33)

Hint: If you get prickly in a few days, just shave again!

Work is a Blessing

Yes it is!

I'm on the second day of my vacation and i'm beginning to see how and why some people have anxiety over their existence in this life. They feel guilty, aimless, useless, and/or futile-- hence addictions and insanity. Those who do not fret about who and why they are, are probably too simple minded and/or too busy.

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