Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Sheba à Paris

had another great great day at expo, i think we placed a belgian distibutor (who facies me- ye7laila), a spanish distributor & another french 1 too!

need a foot massage now

had dinner last night with our qatar distributor & wife, lebanon distributor, & bahraini lady at cafè de la paix. had fois gras, escargot, & onion soup (need energy) ;)

met with GM of competitor in KSA yukh! kinda pervy. invited me to dinner but i exchanged his invitation with a lunch at expo THANK GOD, claiming that i am taking out a client ;)

All X-mas lighting goes up à demain @7 pm & its late night shopping too (minor dilema). did you c the story on cnn about dolphins protecting swimmers for 40 mins from shark§ I LOVE DOLPHINS, i think i was one in an earlier life.

Im using hotel laptop in my room, i really like this hotel!

ok gotta hit the shower.

FRIENDS: pls dont leave msgs on my voicemail, i dont know how to retrieve them :x

P.S. french key boards r very different, so excusé moi pour mon typos!

P.S.S. this laptop remembers my blogger password, how do i undo that in french!

Have a good night and sweet french-cooked dreams...

Bo Jaij
Bo Jaij! good to hear from you! XOXO
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Mmmm french food sooo good. I once took a day trip from Amsterdam to Paris just to eat some Fruits de Mer and visit the musuems.

So I guess your actually exhibiting in the expo, thats good I ussually attend as a visitor. So hate the walking and walking and walking. By the end of the trip I am just dead and want to go home.

Just make sure you make some fun for yourself or you will go crazy.

And dont tell Paris that I am falling in love with Madird.

To remove the passwords and stuff.
Goto Tools -> Internet Options
Second Bar thingy: Click the first 2. Delete Cookies, and Files.
Then the bottom (3rd) bar, to Clear History.

Then Goto the Content Tab. It should be the 4th one.
Bottom (3rd) bar there is Autocomplete. That should open a new window, make sure everythings unchecked and they are 2 buttons at the bottom and click on those that will clear passwords and form info.

Go to Le Deux Magot Cafe in Saint-Germain-des-Prés,and order Tart tatan with vanila icecream for me (Yum )
To check your voicemail from abroad assuming your on mtc not bloody wataniya. dial +965 9690969 it will ask you to enter your phone number then pin. enjoy
Nibaq: Merci monsieur!
Anonymous: no time :(
btmrin London eb 6rijech wila la`a ? ;)

Kong? and that other place.. the something army.. amazing burgers..

mmmm shu kaman.. theres this store close to antik batik.. ismah abou dhabi.. i think thats the only reason i remembered the name.. bs has nice nitty gritty thingies u might like.. good prices too!!

AND 6AB3AN laaaast but certainly NOT least...COLLETTE!!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaa Paris... I really miss it, but I'd like to go in May
Sticky? Who are you? If i'm your auntie, then you missed paris! And btw, hows the girl who was hitting on you in Paris?
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