Sunday, December 31, 2006

Kuwait & Saddam

It actually made me sad watching Saddam Hussein being executed. I not only found myself opposing the death penalty for the first time (probably because its the first time time i see a real execution), but i also felt as if i (a Kuwaiti) was being robbed of justice.

I wanted to see Saddam tried for every single rape, torture, and murder he was responsible for on Kuwait.

The torture and execution of Shurouq's father.

The torture and rape of Ghazi, my friend.

I wanted to see him tried for the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds-- Halabcha.

For mass executions.


The annexation of Kuwait.

Environmental catastrophes caused by the burning of our oil wells.

Deformed children of Iraq and Iran.

Mustard gas.

I wanted to see he his bank accounts frozen and all his wealth given to every single family that was affected by his tyranny (if such wealth exists).

I wanted him to apologize, and truely be sorry.

I wanted him to be humiliated.

And then die a slow and painful (natural) death.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

JiJi Vanity

As winter loomed in, i so happily brought out my winter work clothes. And here i was getting dressed in less than 40 seconds so that i can be at work no later than 8:15, and i quickly slipped on my only dark brown tights to match the brown skirt suit i was already wearing... And here they were, 2 holes on my toes.
It was too late to look for another pair of tights, so i decided to go ahead and slip on my plaid mules and run out of the house.
A few hours later, and little before our next meeting, one of my employees sitting opposite me complimented me on my suit. I thanked him with a big smile-- its okay to get compliments from subordinates but not from superiors or colleagues.
My legs were crossed under my table and as i moved to get a paper on my side desk, my mules fell, revealing the hole i had discovered earlier in the morning, only now it was wider and my big ugly toe was sticking out from it.
I froze, as i saw the look on my subordinate's face. And he was quick to say "Sheba! Not you!!" I turned red, then blue, then finally mustered "i was in a hurry" he said "so what? Sheba common NOT you"

Oh My God

Monday, December 11, 2006

From "The mysteries of men…"

By David Zinczenko

Q: Why does a guy say he’ll call and then doesn’t? A: He’s thinking like a jockey at the start of a horse race. He doesn’t want to pull out of the gates too fast. Waiting a few days allows him to set a comfortable pace before he makes a move. Any longer than that probably means he’s pulled himself up and plans on entering another race, another day. <-- TRUE TRUE TRUE

Q: Why does he offer to cook me dinner for a third date? A: He has life skills (to show you he’d make a good mate), he has a clean place (to show you he’d make a good mate), and he has high-thread count sheets (in case you’d like to mate). <--Not very relevant, but i found the answer witty

Q: Why do men clam up during a fight? A: It could mean two things: One, he doesn’t want to say something that will get a turkey roaster thrown at him. Or two, he knows that keeping silent will make you so mad that you’ll want to throw a turkey roaster at him. <--I HATE THIS

Q: What does it mean when he says he’s not ready for a commitment? A: You’re not The One. If you were, he’d be ready for a commitment, even if he wasn’t. <-- CHECK THIS OUT

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Replies to PIMP MY JOB!

hehe again, i love all the responses, and they're all from girls (i guess guys already know what a pimp looks like) :p

a3sab, dawn fairy, judy, geo, shosho, d,

She was in her her early 50s but looked older. An old tattoo, collagen-inflated, job on her lips. Thick hair, dyed black. Worn short, and sprayed so that she had almost a Mohawk look. She sounded as if she was talking from a broken wind pipe, the obvious effect of nicotine abuse.
She made friends with all the guys at work, one of them even knew her!

Of course i was as intrigued as you all were, and asked these questions:
Is she married? Yes.
Is she still married? No answer.
Does she have kids? Yes.
What kind of girls? Kuwaitis.
What kind of clientele? High net worth.
How much? No answer lol
Was she a prostitute? The answer was, she was beautiful in her days.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Dear fellow bloggers,

I haven't blogged in a while because.... i've had writers block.

As for today, i still have not come out of this block, but would like to say


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