Monday, December 04, 2006

Replies to PIMP MY JOB!

hehe again, i love all the responses, and they're all from girls (i guess guys already know what a pimp looks like) :p

a3sab, dawn fairy, judy, geo, shosho, d,

She was in her her early 50s but looked older. An old tattoo, collagen-inflated, job on her lips. Thick hair, dyed black. Worn short, and sprayed so that she had almost a Mohawk look. She sounded as if she was talking from a broken wind pipe, the obvious effect of nicotine abuse.
She made friends with all the guys at work, one of them even knew her!

Of course i was as intrigued as you all were, and asked these questions:
Is she married? Yes.
Is she still married? No answer.
Does she have kids? Yes.
What kind of girls? Kuwaitis.
What kind of clientele? High net worth.
How much? No answer lol
Was she a prostitute? The answer was, she was beautiful in her days.

oh gosh ya3ny ehya min 9ijha ,, how much is her percentage out of this?

does she have white teeth?

big boobs? on her days she was beautiful!!! how much? :P
How did she chose her girls?

I want to see her,, why didn't you take a picture?
LOL like i pictured her ,, but really wai3 she is known o she walks in pride ba3ad? was she Kuwaity? o el guys elly y3arfonha b3ad mayest7on mestanseen ysalmon 3alaiha ,, way3a enshalla sorry for my french ,, bas el wa7ed yenqeher le sma3 hal sowalef bel deera :S
heheh nice!
ge6a3.....laa3at chabdee.
loooooool a pimp is a retired hooker dont forget ;p
mozart... What does that make male pimps?

sheba... is she a new employee or a visitor?
inzain laish yaya dawamich. sh'sawat hal hoola?
يعطيها العافية


لا لا جد

ما عجبني التصنيف ككويتية أو غير كويتية و البنات كويتيات أو غير كويتيات

ما اعتقد الكويتيين ملائكة أو ان غير الكويتي كرامته أقل من عندنا

العاهرة عادة تمتهن هالمهنة لتلبية احتياجاتها و التزامات أهلها و تستغل جمالها و شبابها بهالمجال

شخصيا لم أحتك أو أتعامل مع هالفئة, لكني لا أنقم عليهم بل أشفق عليهم

شكرا و الله لا يبليكم و يبلينا بهالحاجة
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