Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sand Nigger

As a sand nigger, do i qualify to call an African American "nigger"?

Do I..

Do I have to post something smart or witty?

How about a boring post today, like hmmmph cant think!

But hey, how many of you get aroused when receiving a professional massage?

*just saw someone (in Khaleeji dress) pick his nose in the Arab summit!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Vacuum of Women Who Lunch & Men at Sharm

When at Salhiya I tend to see married women with their mothers. And

at a nice restaurant, i see married men, with their buddies.

When in London, i see more segregated families where the wife is shopping as the man is somewhere else in the world. Its as if it is a transactional relationship, and the trade off is money versus freedom or freedom versus freedom.

However, when you look deeper, you realize that the trade off is as such:

"We do not get a long, we do not have fun in each other's company, we have an emotional vacuum, so why don't i fill it in the best way I know how, while you do your thing and we don't ask questions."

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Brokeback Mountain

from GayMiddleEast.com:

Evidently, 8 Oscar nomination, 6 Golden Globe Awards (including for the best film), and numerous more worldwide nominations, prizes and global recognition is not enough to bring Brokeback Mountain to the big screens of Lebanon.

I watched this movie last night, and loved it. Yes, it was a bit too slow, and some scenes were cliche-ish, BUT its an amazing love story and guess what? Its banned in Kuwait, the country where its poilicemen are dressed in a manner very close Freddie Mercury in concert.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


what was i gonna say?

umm yeah so i've been home since last night, which reminds me was beautiful.. went to dinner with my family and DAD CAME WITH US!

I think this is the second time that dad goes to a restaurant in Kuwait since the invasion!!!!!!! MASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Yeah, and as you can tell by now, i have some time on my hands AND its Wednesday night. Loser? Maybe!

Oh, remembered what i was gonna say, so last week i bump into a good friend, you know the kind who's very sweet, and you value greatly as a person, but never get to see much off? So he calls me aside, and asks me "are you Sheba?" and I said "yes". He told me that he found out from one of my posts which coincided with something that he knew.. & i told him that its not much of a secret and that most people who know me do know my blog ID.................................................. Which brought me to ask him "are you a blogger or do you just read?" he said he was a blogger and he wouldn't tell me who he was, but i could guess it! I must say, i have not done a good job so far..

Catch-22 i must enlist you to help!

Male Servants

Chapter 1
I've always been baffeled when i go to a somewhat conservative home, and the male servants come to serve tea (or something), and the women of the house, who would usually be very well covered when they leave their domain, are very relaxed at this man's (or men's) presence. Yes, i understand that some of these servants have been with the family for many many years, but he's still a man.

Chapter 2
So today i was very hungry, in my somewhat see-through, and very open nighty (yes at 4 pm i'm still in my nighty!) and went to the kitchen to see what was on the stove... A few minutes later, as i was eating away at lamb chops from the okra curry (marag bamia), Chandra walks in, puts a hot pot of harisa with sugar on the table (which my aunt sent) and walks out.

My Favorite Things:

1. Nivea lotion (best remedy for dry skin)

2. Sleeping in our Diwania

3. Fage3

4. Massage at the Orchid spa at Palms.

5. Shoes.

My Least Favorite Things:

1. KSE (lost lotsa money) :(

2. Partying

3. Zits

4. Virgin, Kuwait (kilshay sold out)

5. My weight

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

In Brief

*Brief = not panty

So the buzz is about how badly the KSE is doing, how broke everyone is etc..

I think is can be safely called a crash by now.

Another buzz i missed posting about was the Forbes list

Still amazes me how poorly our rich live.

And last, about me updates: finalizing 1 job, while getting into the other & "NEED to travel" is ever increasing. Been also shopping seriously (new season+new job).

Girls: please let me know if you see nice work clothes.

Anyone interested in my old job, please let me know.

GEO: I miss you! Sorry i've been in such a mess, hope ur doing well :)

Saturday, March 11, 2006

LOVED THIS, i want to HUG her!

So this is why i've been too busy to blog: I QUIT MY JOB!

Nice: 3atham Allah ajrek 3ala hal soog, bess chinna ta3adal shwaya ilyom ALLAH ETAMMEM

Thank you all for being very patient and loyal!

I think my new job would entail that i do not post silly underwear drawings :(

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lotsa Lotsa Change!

Pray for me please!

Love you all & miss you.

Thank you all for asking about me, i am very well. Had to travel and was working on over drive for a month or so. Things will get better soon.

Back dated updates will come, i promise!

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