Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Favorite Things:

1. Nivea lotion (best remedy for dry skin)

2. Sleeping in our Diwania

3. Fage3

4. Massage at the Orchid spa at Palms.

5. Shoes.

My Least Favorite Things:

1. KSE (lost lotsa money) :(

2. Partying

3. Zits

4. Virgin, Kuwait (kilshay sold out)

5. My weight

ityunnineeen hehehe
nagsich dowwa ow chay 3al fa7am

You've been missed
i once attended a presentation by Elizabeth Arden on skin care products. Basically what I understood is lotions like Nivea dont do you any good. They offer you only short term treatment and they dont penetrate deep into your skin. You need to get better more expensive branded lotions to be able to penetrate all the way through your skin and give you good long term impact.
I hate partying too but what's your reason? :P

its boring
thank you dear

of course Elizabeth Arden would say that!
My Favorite Things:
1- عملي
3- ريوق الصبح ويا الوالد
4- النجرة ويا خواتي
5- بوست شيبا سابقا لانها الحين تتمنن علينا فيه
My Least Favorite Things:
1- السمرات
2- الشيشة
3- الشاليه
4- هارد روك كافي
5- القز
awwwwwwwwww thats sooooooo sweeeeeeeeeet
virgin mo kil shay sold out it's just what they tell you when they don't have the thing you asked for..


bess ashwa it was sold out, is half the price!
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