Thursday, February 02, 2006

Danish Anyone?

Seriously, if you were not told by someone that these cartoons were of the Prophet Mohammad (S), do they resemble anything other than the typical Western stereotype of a Muslim?

And in saying that "yes this is our Prophet (S)" aren't WE offending him?


If you're a believer, every Prophet of Allah's was mocked, exiled, and tortured, by his people... DID the Quran instruct us or even hint to us that such acts of aggression towards God's chosen messengers is to be reacted to with hatred and violence?

Where in our Holy Book does it teach Muslims to make enemies?

Fights are won on battles.

This battle should have been taken to courts by designated Islamic organizations, and not taken out on Puck or Lurpack, and absolutely not in the form of GUNS and BOMBS.

With that we just reassure the West that we are blood-thirsty, imbeciles.

And last but not least, where were the governments and the parliaments when the cartoons were published? Why is it that only after the Danish Prime Minister refused to meet the Arab & Muslim ambassadors that Saudi Arabia (followed by Kuwait, like a chick following its mother) took note of the cartoons!?

My message to the propaganda machines of the 2 new rulers of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

When you have a political issue that you cannot resolve, please don't use us, the people, again!

Note: reading the papers this morning, i thought "could this be the anti-Christ?" After all, in this day and age, i don't expect our religions' teachings to be shown to us by Allah literarily.

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