Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sex and the City

My 8 yr old nephew walked in on me in the sex scene where the camera was zoomed on a guy's ass and there was a lot of moaning AND THE DAMNED REMOTE WOULDN'T PAUSE!
After having suffered that trauma, and after making sure that nephew is not scarred for life, i went back to watching and here is my verdict:

1. The Viviene Westwood dress is to die for!
2. How could Carrie jump into a marriage proposal that was such a non-event!
3. Stupid for selling her apartment.
4. The honeymoon destination looked boring-- no matter how much in love you are.
5. Although i hate her for it, Miranda's comment is not to blame, BIG is an unworthy asswhole(AW) for having cold feet, AFTER ALL THIS TIME!
6. Proof that Big is a big AW: He could've come by her apartment looking for her if he really wanted to make ammends!
7. Big is the male version of Samantha, he only loves himself.
8. Whats wrong with a wedding, and a beautiful dress? Why did Carrie let go of the wedding she wanted, it was her 1st, and his 3rd.

Prediction: Carrie will be miserable, as Big will tell her in a few years that he's moving to another city, and in the airport he'll tell her that he's not sure he loves her. She moves with him. She blames herself for HIS feelings, they move back to NYC, adopt a child, he starts cheating on her, she'll find out and deny it. She will be miserable but never ask for a divorce.

Note: the above has all happened to someone i know, and my advise if you're waiting for Big, you're better of with Samantha's Smith.

Note 2: Gulf Bigs are happiest marrying a kanafa wife.

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