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والله شكلها صج بتصير مملكة

والله شكلها صج بتصير مملكة
1- هل راح نظل أقلية
2- هل من الممكن تسنيع الديرة ولا تنسون نيجيرية
3- شنو موقف الملكية من الجماعات الاسلامية
4- شنو بصير في حقوق الشعب
5- ؟beyonce بصير عندنا تلال ثلج وبيونس
And if you haven't decided where you stand on this - انقر هنا

Sunday, November 05, 2006


3rd grade:
1st time i earned money was when i convinced my grandmother Aysha (Allah yer7amha) that i will sweep her yard for 1 dinar. She tried to convince me that it was dusty outside and that the yard would get dirty as soon as i was done, but i insisted!

Note: Grandad (Allah yer7uma) would give me & my 2 younger cousins KD 5 a day to buy toys and candy from Nuzha coop, so it was about the earning rather than the taking!

7th grade:
I baby sat my nephew, poor thing he has a phobia now because apparently i put him ina suit case and pushed him around. I got 3 KD/hr for minding him :p

8th grade:
I would spend the earlier part of summers with my dad in the UK, and the rest of my family would join later. I got bored one day, and offered to wash his car for 5 pounds. It set a precedent and it was an excellent source for art supplies (i still have many of them!).

Sophmore year during uni:
Worked as an office assistant at a psychologists office (v. interesting & depressing). I got paid 150 KD for the summer.

Senior yr:
Worked at an economic consultancy, translating their weekly economic report. Was fun. Payment was a letter of recommendation for my post grad degree.

Post was inspired by The Don's

انهيار سقف المكتبة الوطنية

ماضينا وحاضرنا ولّى

اما مستقبلنا فلن يكن ابدا

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انفجار بمصفاة الشعيبة

الاهمال والارهاب وجهان لعملة واحدة

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Study Links Cell Phone Use & Men's Fertility

Thursday, November 02, 2006


1. Dressing Up is so Much Fun
(no wonder its such a fetish)

2. Its the weekend!!

3. I wouldn't know whos who of the pop world anymore

4. I need braces :(

5. For my health insurance, i had to take an HIV test and they measured by bust size (amongst many other tests & measurements)

6. Big is beautiful

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