Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oops !
Whats wrong ?
This word could apply to:

1. Work
2. Relationships
3. Being over weight
4. Driving
5. Gym workout
6. The political scene in Kuwait
7. Our Society
8. Marina Mall
9. Internet Connection
10. Not being able to sleep
11. Getting up to work
12. Rumors
13. etc. etc. etc.

So Sheba ! What would apply to you !?
اتمنى ان تكون هالكلمة انكليزية ولا تكون سقطة منج
انت اكبر من ان تكتبين بهالطريقة
This is a national campaign.

Print this peace of art and stick on your car & every time you see another car with the same sticker HONK your horn!

تعليقاتك اتظايقني واذا ما عندك شيء ايجابي اتقوله- تكفه لا تقول شيء
Tsk tsk tsk
اكرها يا حبيبتي
3ajeeb, this post brought more reactions than the previous one about our liberties being taken from us.
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