Saturday, May 20, 2006

Breath Taking and it Continues..

Last night was beyond words and i wished that every Kuwaiti was there to witness and experience the spirit of what Kuwait is really about. The spirit that was dampened by 2 stock market crashes and 3 major wars in the past 25 years. I wished that the Emir was watching, if only as a reminder of how great this nation and its people are. We ARE as capable as we always were known to be. It only took a cause and its passion to unite us in showing our true colors. I have great faith and hope in our future, and with all pride, its the youth of this country that gave it to us once again.

I congratulate their parents.

I congratulate Kuwait for last night.



Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Euphoria & the End of Apathy

I felt the euphoria of last night although sadly i was not there. Congrats to ALL!

The events of the past 14 days have been the best catalyst to the end of the National State of Apathy we have been in since the invasion.

The whole dilema has come to unite us on what is good for the country.

I can't help thinking what if the Kuwait Stock Exchange was not doing so bad, would (some) people care as much?

I cannot ignore the passion and the drive of the liberal party girls, and women in the rallys of the past 2 weeks. Wainhum ile te6anazaw 3elaina khal eshoofoon our actions eshyabat!! What a great way to mark the 1 year anniversary of our rights in Parliament (i'de be damned scared if i was not on this team)!

I don't remember seing many abayas though (is this an indication of voting day turn out?)

We're on the winning team again & we are no longer unheard!

There is an opposition and its an amazing mixture of all walks of Kuwait, but the credit goes to the Liberal "party".




Sunday, May 07, 2006


I miss you i miss you all & i miss the good ol'days of blogging
for the sake of blogging!

Ok this has to be quick as i can be fired without notice
any time :p


1. I saw the old lady from Bu Naz's movie yesterday at Mohd
al-Sager's diwania & said hello to her- i was very happy to see her.
2. I wanted to spit on all the MPs who stood against women &
women's rights yesterday.
3. I may run for Parliament in year 2021.
4. I wish Jassim Boodai & all those who are & were doubtful of the
modern (7athar) Kuwaiti women were there yesterday to see all the
fashionable ladies sweating in their designer suits last night.
5. I have a very strong & good feeling that we will surprise all in 2007!

Kind Regards,


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