Saturday, May 20, 2006

Breath Taking and it Continues..

Last night was beyond words and i wished that every Kuwaiti was there to witness and experience the spirit of what Kuwait is really about. The spirit that was dampened by 2 stock market crashes and 3 major wars in the past 25 years. I wished that the Emir was watching, if only as a reminder of how great this nation and its people are. We ARE as capable as we always were known to be. It only took a cause and its passion to unite us in showing our true colors. I have great faith and hope in our future, and with all pride, its the youth of this country that gave it to us once again.

I congratulate their parents.

I congratulate Kuwait for last night.



and I congratulate you for being yourself and for beleiving ;*
:) thank you & i congratulate you
wayed congratulation here.. :)

Sheba, too bad i missed you!
See you next time inshalla..
Monday morning by the parliament?
I meant.. wayed congratulationS.. ahem
sheba works on mondays -- new job
i admire your patriotism
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