Sunday, October 24, 2004


1. Before Futoor: Hungry today, sleepy everyday. After Futoor: Busy everyday.
2. Realisation: Horney guys love kids (as in they want to have a lot of offspring).
3. The more Islamic fundamentalism gets a hold on our society, the less Islam (compassion and human values) we see!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

How Many Mr. Bigs

How many Mr. Bigs can a girl have? Yesterday, i was having a small catch up session with one of my last single friends (we're a rare breed these days). She was telling me about her dinner with her Mr. Big. She says he tried to kiss her, but she did not respond, to my surprise. And to my bigger surprise, she said the reason that she turned down his tongue is that she is not attracted to him anymore!

I thought we're attracted to our Mr. Bigs forever, and that we have soft spots for them for ever! She then confessed that she has a Mr. Big II, and he is the one who holds the soft spot position!

So how many Mr. Bigs can we have? Can guys have their Ms. Bigs? And what defines a Ms. or Mr. Big?

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Fell in love with Madrid for 3 main reasons: warmth of its people, it hasn't been fully 'globalized' (i.e. i only saw 2 McD's & 1 Starbucks), and excellent shopping. I can write volumes about the Spaniards just from my 2 day visit, but what i am really wondering at is did they become like us or did we become like them as the result of our Andalucian occupation?

Children everywhere, they dont sleep.
Women: Over weight is ok, very hairy, beautiful hair, wear no make up or too much.
Men: Staring at asses and prolonged eye contact, gentlemen (open doors)
They automatically think you're Spanish & think you're chicken nuggets if you don't speak back in Spanish.
The airport looks like Kuwait International Airport, 1978.
On a national holiday (yesterday) EVERYTHING is closed.
Siesta is a serious issue (ildeera kilaha itgayel).
My client (owner of a huge retail group) wanted to meet at 12 a.m., not even apologizing for the time, and he is not a rude man, nor is he a perv.

Other Observations:
I want to marry an Italian. Any half breeds out there?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Breasts or Territory

Couldn't decide which to write about, but since i would probably not be able to write for the next 2-3 days, might as well write about both.

Yesterday we were having a conversation about breasts at my grandmother's house. It turned funny because i was making fun at the different shapes and sizes of my aunts'. When i left i was wondering what makes breasts so errotic to men, yet they can be a source of comedy and/or agony to women.

As to Territory, what are the rules for guys when dating a friend's ex girlfriend/husband? What is the decorum for girls and dating a friend's ex girlfriend/husband?!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mind Blowing

One of my girl friends confesses to me (infront of 2 other girl friends) that she tried to fantasize about mon ex but that it didn't work because she doesn't know how to fantasize.

Another girl friend wants me to make a poll on my blog asking if people thought she is pretty.

I still did not react.

Friday, October 08, 2004


Cousin is trying to set me up with a distant relative. Feeling guilty because of ex. Is that normal?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Sweetest Taboo

Why is it that we shy away from sex when it comes to our key board? I am curious about many issues, i have view points about many sex related topics, but i am guilty of turning a blind eye when i come to write. I will burn my abbaya and write about what my girl friends and I have spent hours talking about since we started taking Cosmo quizes.

My first question is:

1. How important is sex to a relationship?

Btw, this is inspired by my observation of couples and trying to tie which ones are more happy and is it linked to their sex lives. This was also inspired by the reaccuring question of 'if i had done that, what would have been the outcome'.

Mature, honest, comments only please

Monday, October 04, 2004

Rainbows do Exist

A rainbow is the reflection of light on rain drops. So they appear when its raining and the sun is shinning at the same time. Are our lives rainbows except we do not see them? Perhaps we are looking at the sun light only (very painful) or we are looking at the rain only (very gloomy). If we manage to look at the reflection of the sun light on the rain drops, then we may just always find a rainbow.

Practice makes perfect!

Sunday, October 03, 2004

I want

At the expo, saw something that i really want. A well built, 80 year old man in a crisp white, well-ironed dishdasha and chraimba pushing his wife in a wheel chair, around the exhibition grounds. They stopped at the stand where i was at, and this was their conversation:

Husband (bending down to speak to his wife softly): Tebeen hatha?
Wife (hair very black, in her best 3abat and cute floral grandma dress that she probably got the material for from Liberty): La shasawee feeh?
Husband: Iktheeh yemkin te7tajaina.
Wife: Madri
Husband (handing over 2 of the items they were debating about to the saleswoman along with 1 KD): hach 7e6eeliahum ib chees.

And they went along to the next stand.

I stood there looking at them and of course neither of them noticed me because each were each other's world. All i was thinking is 'Masha'Allah i want that'.

The husband was too old to push the wheel chair, but he was doing it probably because he doesn't want anyone but himself to push his wife's chair and because he was not used to depending on anyone but himself. It keeps him lively and alife. The husband still sees it as his duty to provide for his wife, even if its something they neither need, but it makes him feel good. She also probably feels very proud that her husband still sees her as a woman and not an old lady that he HAS to take care off. They share. They go to exhibitions just to stay involved in life (rather than wait for God) AND they want to save a few dinars with the exhibition specials. It was a nice day.

And this is what I want.

(Allah ihaneehum & ya36eehum 6oolat 3umr and sa7a o 3afia)

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Le Weekend!

1. Why do married women cheat? Why don't they just divorce their husbands and screw around all they want? Are they aware of the damage they are causing their families and the people involved in their affairs?

2. Had a fight with the Wakeel/Agent of Mecca Cola. I asked the lady at their stand (at the Food Exhibition, Mishref Hall 4) how is the cola called Mecca yet it is French? She said the owner of the company is Algerian/French. My cousin asked how is this Islamic? She said with all idiocy 'because Pepsi & Coca have pig parts in them'! Then a guy in a blonde beard with kohl in his eyes and of course a short dishdasha (mujahed style) came and said that 'cokat il bebsi feeha mukawnat khanzeer' I told him its Made in Kuwait, how is that so? He said it is only mixed in Kuwait but again 'cokat il bebsi ten3emel fi Canada wefeeha mukawenat khanzeer'. Still cool, i said are you talking about Pepsi Cola or Coka Cola? He said 'both'! Here my eyes popped out and i lost it. I said 'We have 4-5 competitors in this exhibition, but i do not say a single negative word about them, it is all 'munafasa shareefa.. and it is WRONG that you say such lies about your competitors, you are also saying that the Ministry of Commerce and the Baladiah are letting in a product that has pig components and that I have been drinking this pig coke for 30 years? 3aib 3alaikum' While i was saying that, a guy in a suit jumped in and said 'no it is Islamic because we give 10% of our profits to the poor in Palestine'


This is not the end of it, part 2 will follow bachir, when i go & tell Coca Cola what the Islamic coke company is saying. Which incidentally is their neighbor at the expo. Khosh jeera masha'Allah!

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