Saturday, October 02, 2004

Le Weekend!

1. Why do married women cheat? Why don't they just divorce their husbands and screw around all they want? Are they aware of the damage they are causing their families and the people involved in their affairs?

2. Had a fight with the Wakeel/Agent of Mecca Cola. I asked the lady at their stand (at the Food Exhibition, Mishref Hall 4) how is the cola called Mecca yet it is French? She said the owner of the company is Algerian/French. My cousin asked how is this Islamic? She said with all idiocy 'because Pepsi & Coca have pig parts in them'! Then a guy in a blonde beard with kohl in his eyes and of course a short dishdasha (mujahed style) came and said that 'cokat il bebsi feeha mukawnat khanzeer' I told him its Made in Kuwait, how is that so? He said it is only mixed in Kuwait but again 'cokat il bebsi ten3emel fi Canada wefeeha mukawenat khanzeer'. Still cool, i said are you talking about Pepsi Cola or Coka Cola? He said 'both'! Here my eyes popped out and i lost it. I said 'We have 4-5 competitors in this exhibition, but i do not say a single negative word about them, it is all 'munafasa shareefa.. and it is WRONG that you say such lies about your competitors, you are also saying that the Ministry of Commerce and the Baladiah are letting in a product that has pig components and that I have been drinking this pig coke for 30 years? 3aib 3alaikum' While i was saying that, a guy in a suit jumped in and said 'no it is Islamic because we give 10% of our profits to the poor in Palestine'


This is not the end of it, part 2 will follow bachir, when i go & tell Coca Cola what the Islamic coke company is saying. Which incidentally is their neighbor at the expo. Khosh jeera masha'Allah!

hmmm, pig parts, what does not have pig parts in it these days :)

Aslan Mecca cola cannot make its product without paying for some sort of a patent either owned by Coke or Pepsi, hence, they are paying for the pig parts company as they claim. Second, shno 10 %, look at what coke and pepsi donate to Isreal? etha sij they are serious, they should donate an equal amount, and not worry about how much they earn. Third, drinking cola is bad for the teeth and health, so why market a product that does that? I can go on and on, bes kafee.
why am I not surprised? I guess because I worked for a company once in Kuwait that had one competitor. When I joined it, I noticed that most of the answers the staff provided to our enquiring future customers were negative stuff about our competitor. I didn't apply the same behaviour when I was asked which the management didn't like much but again, the results I obtained were enough to hush the management.

Then, here & now in Saudi Arabia, I'm working for a computer software company. This time, I'm in the other side of the story. One of our major competitors market their products by mentioning negative things about our company. Again, not surprised. Instead of attacking them the same way, we answered to those negatives by actually showing that we either fixed them or working on fixing them. Compared to others who are busy looking at the others' mistakes rather than their own, we are dominating the market ;-)

Now back to Mecca Cola. I'm sure the companies in Kuwait who bought the rights of Pepsi and Coca Cola have certain decent people in them who donate 10% to the poor and needy, but are those 10% paid by Mecca Cola going to the right people in Palestine?

Another thing that got my attention due to my admiration to logic. Pig components in Coca Cola & Pepsi? Very interesting. If you're going back again, could you ask them what kind of pig components that are being added to Pepsi Cola and Coca Cola and if there is any chemical laboratory report that would prove such thing? I really want to know.

The only couple of components I could think of are saliva and urine. To be honest, if those are added, we would all be dead by now LOL
Madri, Purg/Fawaz but you should go give them a word of your mind if you guys are in Kuwait. The expo will be on for the next 12 days.
Sheba :) ana yay vacation, akher shay athawsh weya hathela elmeyaneeen :) Bacher ye7toon sortee in europe, wo lama ard, yel7gooni :)
I don't think people are as gullable as they think (at least I hope NOT).
Their tactic is just an updated version of "ilzain 3indina welshain 7awalainah".
Why haven't we heard of Vatican Coke or Lourdes Coke ?

People have completely disregarded the first part of the post. What's up with women cheating on their husbands ? I don't get it. Let them get divorced and do whatever they want then, as you said Queen Sheba. It seems polygamy is a rampant disease not just among men.. hmm... Things that make you go Hmmm....

Pinks :)
Sounds a lot like KFH to me....
Give 'em hell Sheba!!

Although I have to ask... why go to a food exhibition in the first place? What's there that isn't available in supermarkets, or restaurants?

As for the 1st part of the post, how come there ain't no married women hitting on me?!
Zaydoun and I are alot alike ...

How come we don't encounter any of those married woman? Hang on .. I know why ... Zaydoun, it's us, not them :-P

a more serious comment about the cheating point, well, in my opinion, those who cheat are those who are not loyal & responsible. Now whether those are men or women, it doesn't really matter. A married couple should not be cheating on each other because whether it's the man or the woman cheating, the family will crumble.

If you come and tell me "no it's different in our community. A man can cheat and nothing would happen" then you're wrong. Because believe me when I say this, when the man cheats, and the wife knows, they won't have their life as normal as it used to be. It will change ... ALOT!
Yellow: You're right.. Regaya o Sebeecha in Soug il Harem ;)
Pink: Its a loss of morals
Zaydoun/Fawaz: These Girls just want to have fun & they usually go for the player type & i dont think neither of you is the player type. The reason behind naughty girls going for the player type is that 1. they dont worry about the guy thinking badly of them when he finds out they're just playing, & 2. No commitment. Which brings us to the point that women & men are not so different when it comes to playing.
Anaye: i hate KFH because they are like bala3 il baiza in the name of Islam.

Zaydoun: I had to go to the expo, but usually ppl go for bargains & to check out new ingredients from new wakeels
السلام عليكم..

تهميش الطرف الآخر سلوك نراه يوميا وليس حصرا على الشركات فقط
تنافس الشركات بإيجاد مساوئ المنافسين يرجع لتفكيرنا العام
فلو لاحظنا كل انواع النقاش التي نراها يوميا ستجد انها تقوم على تهميش الطرف الآخر وايجاد ثغرات ما يقول وليس العكس بإبداء الرأي وتوضيح قوة وجهة نظرة واسباب اقتناعه فيها
يعيش معجتمعنا على هذا المنوال منذ الأزل كما قال الأخ
"الشين عندنا والزين حوالينا" وكأنها تربت معنا منذ الصغر

جميع ما نراه اليوم من سلوك عام بين افراد المجتمع يعود الى اسباب تربويه قبل ان تكون اتجاهات فكر.
على نفس الوتيرة...
ذكر الكاتب عبد اللطيف الدعيج في مقالة نشرت سنة 1996 وقرأتها في كتاب له
اننا بدلا من ان نحاسب الداخلية على ازمة المرور يجب ان نحاسب وزارة التربيه على سلوك السائقين لأنها لم تغرس فيهم الاخلاق التي تحتم على السائق عدم التجاوزوفرض العضلات على الطريق
وكذلك اقول الآن يجب ان نحاسب وزارة التربيه كذلك على عدم تعليم الصغار على تقوية الذات قبل اضعاف الآخرين بالبحث عن مساوؤهم وغلطاتهم اذا سلم الوضع من نشر اشاعه!!
Dear Sheba,

Next time round, ask this same guy if we can mix Mecca Cola with Rum? heheheheh would it explode in our face? I think I heard that it is mentioned on the can that you should not mix Mecca Cola with alchohol..

Rum & Coke is for normal people
Rum & Mecca Cola is for muslim extremists (bin laden's circle of friends)
1- no comment.... it is a very sad subject to get into
2- those are ignorant idiots, they come up with this product to cater for people against the US. Little do they know that papsi and coke rules the US and can cream them in a NY min. (they will not Last)
*Funky C.M.
I hope you enjoyed the Rum and the Macca coke
*Abt donations.. they are lying it for weapons to kill innocent ppl.
i aint muslim, but how come those dudes called this cola mecca cola with all the attention that islam gives not to tarnish any religious image or comment???? its like it wouldnt be cool with me if they had a Vatican Cola or a Jerusalem Cola...

well, Beirut Cola seems fine..... Kuwait Cola, K-Cola... i really now that i should have went into marketing... sheesh
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