Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wife Search

A a very good friend of mine (26 yrs) is looking for a wife. He wants someone independent, smart, and easy on the eye.

If you feel that you may fit the description above, please e-mail your interest to

Thank you,

Ammateur Kha6abah

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What We Look for in a Guy?

In High school: cute older guys (with cars) who can dance
In College: Witty, athletic, popular guys
Year 1-2 work: Handsome, witty, gentle and intelligent
Year 3-4 work: Handsome, witty, gentle, intelligent, open-minded
Year 5-6 work: Handsome, witty, intelligent, open-minded, sensitive, confident.
Year 7-8 work: Intelligent, well-read, open-minded but respects his culture, sensitive, confident, generous, can cook, has a good sperm count, no emotional or commitment issues, & is a gentleman (with cute lips) & we can talk forever.

Now is that too much to ask?

So what do Guys look for in a Girl?

P.S. feels like i've done this subject before

Monday, January 24, 2005

The Boys' Room

There was an instant connection, only because their souls are still of a child’s. Tarnished by many, but still bare and uncovered by the usual social masks that one assumes as he or she becomes socialized into adulthood.

He sat his feminine frame next to hers, as if sure that his proximity would not invade her personal space. They instantly downloaded their childhood stories into each other’s memories, and the connection solidified as they discovered that their ‘experiences’ were parallel. His agony was manifest in his eyes, although he looked down as he described in detail what had happened to him. He did not feel violated. Perhaps it was his survival tactic. She did not want to see him agonized and thus did not ask ‘aren’t you angry that this happened to you?’

He was not angry, but he was in need of direction. She revealed to him her view and although it appealed to him, he was not sure that he can walk her path. He has chosen a path that takes him only from one minute to the next, to avoid old, unresolved feelings from re-emerging. She has taken a path that allows her flexibility in thought and action. Her doctrine liberated her from her own nightmarish, unresolved memories- it allowed her to binge into love as if the more love in her life, the farther the tide of memories would go.

She believes she is superior because her childhood was a trade off. The angels were there to protect her forever, if she kept her side of the deal. And she wanted to make the same deal for him, if only he would.

As they parted, they looked deeply into each other’s souls, understanding all that was unsaid.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Eid/Birthday Weekend!

No Comment. Thank you everyone for making it happen!

Most memorable:

Rainbow foot gloves (dancing barefoot)
Runny nose
Pad Thai
Scrambled eggs
Khubiz Irgag, Chicken Nuggets, & Happy Meals (in one place & in LARGE numbers)
Crawling on the floor to get to your phone.
Mahmoud Yaseen
Check in
Check out
Chai 7aleeb
Cat Fight
Prime :p
Maku shegel
Maku salfa
Madri laish

Ta7ya alKuwait!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Ministers Hurt when Called ‘Kuffar’ by Terrorist (Cute!)

I think I may have a snippet of how a person can turn from part of a family, community, and nation to an aggressive and ‘terroristic’ counterpart.

I missed my cousin who has long turned religious, and I thought it’s a good chance to meet up with her on my birthday, but then remembered that birthday celebrations are ‘sinful’ in her book.

She was always pious but with time her list of what is sinful grew. First she started going to classes in religion to know more. The she stopped listening to music because its ‘sinful’ to waste your time on music while you could listen to religious programs or the Quran. She then wore the hijab. She then wanted to employ only Muslim help in her household. She then enrolled her girls in an ‘Islamic’ nursery. They then graduated to an all-girls Islamic school.

This cousin is far from being a terrorist or an extremist but I can see how easy it is to call people who are seen to have a long list of sins ‘kuffar’ or ‘infidels’.

Sad it is that even the basics in Muslim rituals can be called ‘sinful’ or ‘bida3’, and its scary how the so called Islamic groups can stand in front of us (the blind) and lecture on how we were taught wrong and that all we’ve been doing is sinning all our lives. Example, 2 years ago in Hajj we had classes in between our rituals given by the administrators. We were shocked to learn that the way we do ‘widhoo2’ and the way we pray is all wrong! Of course our Hajj organizers were ‘Salaf’ who the Ikhwan call Kuffar and who call the ‘Ikhwan’ kuffar—so you can imagine how easily the Ministers and the rest of Kuwait can be called kuffar too.


Sunday, January 16, 2005

Police Academy

I am so proud of our policemen and i want to join the police force or the secret intelligence (amn dawla). Always wanted to be a spy, but we do not have enemies (at least that is what mom thought, as i was graduating from high school)

Seriously, i do not want to stand on the side lines and read about evil forces tearing our beloved Kuwait & tearing us apart.

What is most fearful and what angers me most is that the disciples are our own, but they do not seem to see that they are part of the whole. Their loyalty and togetherness are directed to the Anti-Christ (Osama bin Laden) and his thinking. How does that happen?! How do you stop cheering 'il azrag' (the blue team= Kuwait's national color), and how do you start hating your people and your land?

Aside: I think its time for MADM2000 to come back, don't you think?

Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence

Hello, darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision
That was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
Beneath the halo of a street lamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed
By the flash of a neon light

That split the night
And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening
People writing songs that voices never share...

And no one dare
Disturb the sound of silence.
"Fools," said I, "you do not know
Silence like a cancer grows."

"Hear my words that I might teach you,
Take my arms that I might reach you."

But my words like silent raindrops fell,
And echoed in the wells of silence.

And the people bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made.
And the sign flashed out its warning
In the words that it was forming.
And the signs said: "The words of the prophets
Are written on the subway walls
And tenement halls,
And whisper'd in the sound of silence."

Sounds of Silence

I have found my theme song for 2005 (pour moi, but don't mind sharing). 'The Sound of Silence' - orginal by Simon & Garfunkel, but the one that has become one with me is 'Sounds of Silence' by TRINITY FM (track 7 on Hotel Costes' CD -SEPT-).

I am sure that you music snobs (wink wink;) are ready to kill me for my musical ignorance, but hey at least i knew it was a S&G song!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogger Character

Having been seriously introduced to the blogger world by a blogger/friend, I find myself always going to the same blogs for more of the same. And just like I have compartmentalized my friends for different purposes (i.e. Shopping friend, gossip friend, travel friend, weekend friend, talking friend, etc.), I realise that I go to the different blogs with the same mindset.

At Zaydoun’s, I seek an intellectual tease.
At Mosan’s, I seek to capture a rainbow of hedonism.
At Crappy’s, I seek to understand (his random & sometimes humorous thoughts)
At Jewaira’s, I seek to know more.
At Shurouq’s, I go to check in to see that she’s okay.
At Breakupbabe’s I am amused at how parallel and similar my concerns and thoughts and agonies can be with someone so far; AND i love the way she writes.

Mind you, I do read other blogs, but with nothing to seek.

I leave you to think, what retains your attention to certain blogs?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Terrorist Fail to Terrorize

Very angry.

If the point of the terrorist bastards is to 'instill' terror in us, then they have failed. But they have managed to further put hatred and anger in us towards anything that looks too 'islamasized', that is a long beard, a short dishdasha (robe), a niqab, or anyone that looks that he might be 'Islamisized', that is a beduin. Nice job.

Message to the government, next time you sleep with your favorite minorities (badu) and religious parties who you think would aid you against the liberals' democratic thinking, please use birth control!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hots & NOTs

1. Guys in hot fast cars who cannot drive them!
2. Homophobic heterosexuals.
3. Chicken Nuggets and chicken nuggets wannabe's.
4. Multi color HIGHLIGHTS.
5. Sushi.
6. Designer t-shirts, designer tennis shoes.
7. Skimmed Milk.
8. Ipods!

1. Monogomous, fun-loving couples.
2. Daddies at Marina mall with their kids.
3. Dates at Virgin Mega store.
4. Sashimi.
5. Bitchiness & Gossip.
6. Fit Bods!
7. Hot chocolate.
8. Touareg.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

When Harry Met Sheba

We’ve heard of a relatively new phenomenon 'friends with benefits' (definition: friends who enjoy a little sexual favours every now and then), and some of us have even taken part in a few of those (& no i'm not picking on anyone today). Now the question is, can a heterosexual guy and a girl be friends (with no benefits)?

I think yes ONLY if neither of them is attracted to each other. If either one fancies the other then I think it’s a perfect recipe for continuous nagging (7anna) based on exaggerated reactions and eventually a fall out: If he doesn’t call back within 2 seconds then he’s a SOB and he’s not always there for her, if she has call waiting, then its ‘who are you talking to this time of night’, etc..

The next question is, if a guy a girl are emotionally close to each other, wouldn’t attraction come naturally from at least one end?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Little Bit Sheba

Concentrate on Sheba, Concentrate on Sheba, Concentrate on Sheba (2 good friend's advise), so here i go:

1. On the weight front: I've been pigging out like crazy because i thought i was looking too thin. Now i'm too fat (of course), so i went shopping to buy new gym clothes (for motivation) and i've been going daily (for 2 days).

2. In General: T-shirts are a lot shorter then they used to be. Everyone has seen my love handles and not so flat stomache, not that i have quelms over nudity...

3. On Girl Friends': The new trend among my girlfriends is OLDER MEN. Why would anyone want to be with a guy old enough to be called '3amu' (translation: Uncle)?

4. On the guy front:
A. Seriously-- The notion of 'the one' is still strong in me, BUT i am fighting it because if there was only 1 'One', then i'll be loveless for the rest of my life, either because i have had my chance with the One (and blew it) or that i haven't met him yet (and will not).
B. Not so seriously-- guys are looking better in 2005, i think its a tease from my chubby angels to see how strong i am in the face of men who look like Greek Deities!


You do not realise how much it hurts when you do that.

I want to excuse you but I do not have the measures to do so.

I try to convince myself that I hurt you, instead. But that hurts more.

I try to convince myself that you did not think about what you did. But that would mean that you have been thoughtless of my feelings.


Dear Stranger,

I saw in your eyes adoration and longing towards the one you spoke about. I heard your admiration of her simplicity and innocence. I want you to know that in every one of us you will find this person preserved to only one other. In everywoman there is innocence and there is lust, and somewhere along her life one takes over the other.

Your loved one is her pure self with you. You are your pure self with her.

Kind Regards,


Sunday, January 02, 2005

His Shoes I

Resting on an engraved wooden rail, he stood next to her, as close to her as he presumed would not interrupt her comfort. He couldn’t stop looking at her. He saw everything, he saw the depth of her eyes, he smelt the freshness of her mane, he saw the meanings in her rounded lips as she spoke. They did not say much, but they were communicating as they admired their surroundings. As the wind picked up, her tassels blew on to her face, and he watched with adoration wanting to be part of this movement. Gently, as he touched her rounded cheeks, he brushed back the strands of hair to return to their frame. She looked into his eyes for the first time, but not long enough.

Aware of the time they spent alone away from the rest, they headed back to the foyer where his company were waiting for lunch to be served. During the meal, he could not stay away from her, in spite of his date’s agitation. He wished he hadn’t kissed his date last night, for it is far easier to call of a date before any contact. Even if Nada had not reappeared, he knew his girlfriend was not right for him, and it was merely her persistence that swayed him to her.

Again the wind blew and he did not want the wind to touch her, he did not want her cold, he wanted her to know he was there, stronger than the wind. Involuntarily, he put his arm around her and pressed her to him. Her muscles did not tense and although she did not look up to see his face, she acted as if it was a mundane gesture, she was not embarrassed, but he knew that if he did not let go, the reaction of those around them and his girl friend’s especially, would no longer be subtle. Reluctantly he let go, and tried to mingle with his guests, but found himself constantly looking for Nada, trying to overhear her sweet voice as she spoke.

He did not know what her acceptance meant. Was she simply a warm person? Would she want to be with me? Now he was the one frustrated. Torn between his feelings and what may or may not be within her for him. He tried to get himself busy being a good host and there he found her beside him, giving him a hand. Accidentally, their fingers touched, and then silence. He was not sure if he should hold her hands now, the shock was still going through him. He wished she would allow his fingers to caress hers. Still unable to think or act, he wished for once that she, the woman, would take charge. Her fingers fell upon his again, voluntarily this time, and again he felt the bolt of warmth go through him. It left him breathless, and he could not notice if she was breathing or moving. Both statued, wishing for this touch to last longer. Still avoiding his eyes, it was her this time who broke the silence and moved away, perhaps afraid of their secret touch to be noticed, perhaps just simply afraid.

His Shoes

I have taken a challenge to try to write in 'his shoes'. To try to invisage how and what it looks like from a man's point of view. No doubt, this is inspired by Jewaira's blog, but will be no where as good!

Oh My Oh Five!

Mood Change

Its a New year & it feels new. It smells new. And it looks new.

No resolutions this year, for fear of having unrealised expecations, BUT i do have many hopes. I hope i get to the gym 5 days a week. I hope i comfortably fit in an English size 10. I hope i get rich. I hope i never get wrinkles. I hope for content, good health, & happiness for all my loved ones.

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