Sunday, January 16, 2005

Police Academy

I am so proud of our policemen and i want to join the police force or the secret intelligence (amn dawla). Always wanted to be a spy, but we do not have enemies (at least that is what mom thought, as i was graduating from high school)

Seriously, i do not want to stand on the side lines and read about evil forces tearing our beloved Kuwait & tearing us apart.

What is most fearful and what angers me most is that the disciples are our own, but they do not seem to see that they are part of the whole. Their loyalty and togetherness are directed to the Anti-Christ (Osama bin Laden) and his thinking. How does that happen?! How do you stop cheering 'il azrag' (the blue team= Kuwait's national color), and how do you start hating your people and your land?

Aside: I think its time for MADM2000 to come back, don't you think?

ما أقدر أزيد عن كلامج شي

عين الصواب

الله يحفظ الكويت و أهلها من كل شر
I've always wanted to be a secret agent or smth like that..:D, It shouldn't be Aside about MADM, its more likely that he has to get back and draw something, precisely about the situation that we're dealing with nowadays..!! Its so freaking odd, I mean what's goin' on in our society from those airheaded, bearded, brainless mini jupe men?! I used to comment on Zaydoun's blog and I kept writing.. OFF the topic: WHERE IS MADM?!!
Mais pas de reponse?! a tout!!
Allah y7afeth deratna Oo yeb3ed hal airheaded 3anah enshallah...

Christ shako ?
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