Monday, June 25, 2007

Born Again Blogger!

Wow i feel like a "noob" (newbie), but thanks to a good friend who encouraged me to find my username & password again & write something.

Quick updates:

1. I'm in love (& always have been-- sorry gentlemen) ;p
2. I'm fat(ter)
3. I'm quitting (my job)
4. I've lost hope in the future of our Beloved Kuwait!
5. Jamal al-Omar hosted al=Mostaqela's (Handasa) 4th charity bazaar last month! (7asafa 3ala ta3abkum ya Shurouq & Kila M).
6. Went to the Jam3iya al-Thaqafia last night, i didn't find anyone to usher me in, not even a flier to pick up. In fact all i got were stares from older women. SAD!
7. I went to a salon and they burnt my hair.
8. I managed to lose money in KSE while the market was up all year.
9. Sert min no3 ile yamshoon wisolfoon ma3a il naas (i.e. its called confidence or old age) :p

O salamatkum. Need updates from all my good ol' bloggers/friends please asap, via comments, links to important posts relating to your lives, or by email please!


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