Monday, June 25, 2007

Born Again Blogger!

Wow i feel like a "noob" (newbie), but thanks to a good friend who encouraged me to find my username & password again & write something.

Quick updates:

1. I'm in love (& always have been-- sorry gentlemen) ;p
2. I'm fat(ter)
3. I'm quitting (my job)
4. I've lost hope in the future of our Beloved Kuwait!
5. Jamal al-Omar hosted al=Mostaqela's (Handasa) 4th charity bazaar last month! (7asafa 3ala ta3abkum ya Shurouq & Kila M).
6. Went to the Jam3iya al-Thaqafia last night, i didn't find anyone to usher me in, not even a flier to pick up. In fact all i got were stares from older women. SAD!
7. I went to a salon and they burnt my hair.
8. I managed to lose money in KSE while the market was up all year.
9. Sert min no3 ile yamshoon wisolfoon ma3a il naas (i.e. its called confidence or old age) :p

O salamatkum. Need updates from all my good ol' bloggers/friends please asap, via comments, links to important posts relating to your lives, or by email please!


I was thinking of you two days ago and wondering if you would come back, and of course you did, as predicted by Uncle Purg.

I enjoyed reading point 2 of your post very much, thank you for cheering me up and welcome again.

And no, I have not changed, I am the say annoying (relative word depends on who you ask) person.
Ahlan Sheba!

You can't be "fatter" or else I would've spotted you last night ;)

How are you?
So glad to see you back :* It's you who should fill us in on your latest news.. e7na 7a66at eedich

And about numbers 4 & 5, I think I lost hope too.
Welcome back shabshooba!!!

Nothing new under the sun :)

I always have the fear of becoming one of those old talking walking ladies, balich etseereen mithilhom.
Thank you purg, shurouq, and shosho for not forgetting me :>>

purg, and thank u for the update..

shurouq, hala hala :**, you didn't see me not because i am not fatter, but because i came late, saw that it was over, saw unwelcoming Kaloti person & her colleague on the door who saw me obviously lost, and they chose to ignore me. I was alone, and was there only long enough to see that we have no hope and its our fault (which wasn't very long).

shosho, you're my favorite anonymous (to me) blogger, do you know that? And abashrich, i am already that lady who walks and talks! Its fun wala, you should try it ;)
Hi, first time in your blog.. very nice blog.. keep up the good work.. :P
I just saw a photo in KM blog from the rally at Al jam3iya Al thaqafiya

depressing is all I can say

for the price of one designer hand bag they could have bought CHAIRS at least.

And you wonder why the ((liberal)) MPs OK`d this Salafi Law. They know that the only hope for them to get re-elected is to ((act)) conservative and hope to attract some of the votes which the Salafis and Aukhwan are guaranteed to get.

I wont be the only one who will Join HADAS come next elections
The Don,
Welcome to my blog (read the oldies, they're fun) ;p

Bo Jaij,
yAllah 7ayah, yes that makes sense, we're a losing cause.. But then again we did it in Nabeeha 5, so maybe we've just collectively lost hope in everyone and everything
الحمد الله على السلامة
كنا نمر يوميا وبعد فترة اسبوعيا وليما صرنا شهريا لموقعج
اشوه انج رديتي ولا كنا بنسويها سنويا
أسف لمساع تركك الوظيفة وخسارة البورصة
منو ما خسر
على العموم كل شي ينجبر والى الامام
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