Sunday, February 27, 2005

Great Kissing

Just came across a lame article on kissing on and i think we can do better than that.

1. I am assuming Kissing is HIGHLY and GREATLY important to the gals. But how important is kissing for the guys?

2. What makes a good kiss?

3. Which was your most memorable kiss?

Note: My answers will come later in the comments area :)

Du Bay - Do Bye - Id Bai - Dubai

We've been going to Dubai since the 70's on transit. A desert, a Sheraton, a Hilton, a tacky airport, and the Kuwaiti hospital. In the early 90's we started going again to Jebel Ali beach resort. We would go down town on the single lane, unlit high way, only to buy electronics. It looked a lot like Dammam with a lot of cheap imported labour crowding the streets. The resort was a different story: models enjoying the Friday BBQ, topless Europeans getting their last minute tan.

Later in the 90's, and 2000's. I would go to Dubai on business twice a year atleast, stay in the best hotels, and eat in the best restaurants, spend a lot of money shopping in Armani (before it opened in Kuwait) and sometimes when my visit coincides with friends we would go clubbing. I hated it. I hated it for the lack of character, and its lack of identity. It seemed like it was a city designed to eagerly please the Euro traveller, but managed to lose Dubai in the process.

February 2005 was another story. Dubai has found itself, its identity, and I LOVE IT!

P.S. I was there on business again, and my number one Middle East holiday destination is and will always be LEBANON. B7ebek ya Lebnaaaaan!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valen Time

Last time i had a good Valentine's Day was in 2002. And in the voice of CN, i say:

BABY please come back!


Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So i've been on vacation for the past 12 days & LOVIN' IT! I really do not know how i will get back to work. My hopes were that the stock market will rocket and i get a well deserved early retirement. BUT the KSE has been a total BUTT!

Of course like always, life is never without some major shocks and this vacation has been quiet eventful:

*What i considered a good friend has been gossiping about me for the past 2 years. But that says more about her than me.

*Ex called.

*Cute guy at the gym turns out to be a distant cousin with issues. Figures!

*Mom has put a curfew on me for fears that my car will be hijacked by terrorists and then they will kill me.

*Last, week i saw the the husband of an old friend of mine in the company of Hawalli call-girls.

*Highlights: 'I would like to make a toast to my dead wife..' And in efforts of a dear Kuwaiti friend to translate '7achim' to an Arab friend this was the result: '7achim' is when you underestimate'

Question of the day: What would you do if you were put in a situation where you thought or saw the husband/wife of a friend cheating on their spouses?

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