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So i've been on vacation for the past 12 days & LOVIN' IT! I really do not know how i will get back to work. My hopes were that the stock market will rocket and i get a well deserved early retirement. BUT the KSE has been a total BUTT!

Of course like always, life is never without some major shocks and this vacation has been quiet eventful:

*What i considered a good friend has been gossiping about me for the past 2 years. But that says more about her than me.

*Ex called.

*Cute guy at the gym turns out to be a distant cousin with issues. Figures!

*Mom has put a curfew on me for fears that my car will be hijacked by terrorists and then they will kill me.

*Last, week i saw the the husband of an old friend of mine in the company of Hawalli call-girls.

*Highlights: 'I would like to make a toast to my dead wife..' And in efforts of a dear Kuwaiti friend to translate '7achim' to an Arab friend this was the result: '7achim' is when you underestimate'

Question of the day: What would you do if you were put in a situation where you thought or saw the husband/wife of a friend cheating on their spouses?

Sheba: very intresting question..i always think what would i do?
ana i think it depends on how close the friend to me if she's really close i'll call the husband and try to understand why he did it..then i'll decide wheather i'll tell my friend or no..but if she's not that close to me i'll just keep quiete because she'll find out sonner or later
So you're saying cheating can be excusable?!
no... can be understandable i don't have to ruin a whole family life for a نزوه
Even if she/he was my best best best friend, I'd SHUT UP!

On the other hand if it were the spouse of my sister/brother, I'd be on the phone telling them in a heartbeat.

Because my Dearest Queen Sheba, Blood Is Thicker Than Water... Always...

PSS :)
I am glad you enjoyed your holiday :)

With regards to the question on marital infidelity:
I think unless I was extremely close to the woman/man, I would simply stay out of it.
Many men/women might have a fling and then realize it was not the right thing. My interference may cause more damage than good.
U r really wise...
Welcome back, Sheba :)
* Maybe your friend already knows about her husband or she is doing the same thing too.
* Maybe they both agreed to have lovers on the side to re-energize their sex life.
* Maybe he is trying out a new viagra-type drug on the Guinea pig first ( the 7awally call girl ).
* He could be an asshole or mentally unstable so telling his wife wont be helpful at all, you will just embaress her.

* Alot of wives dont really care

I will just keep quite and feel sorry for him and his wife.
I'm empressed
والله يطلع منك
If I were cheated on, I'd want to know.

As a friend though, I'll keep my mouth shut..
Well.. unless I know that my friend wants to get out of the relationship and is only waiting for a proper excuse.
On this question I agree with PSS, that is what I would do.

I've been there few years ago.It was a big shock really, especially when it looks like a happy marriage on the outside.
I care for the woman.. she means alot to me.. But I was clueless! I really didn't know what was the right thing to do.
Their life would never be the same again. So I decided not to talk, I didn't want to be the one who ruins their marriage.

Till today , I ask myself If what I did was right. Whenever I get a chance, I ask married women if they want to know if their husbands are cheating on them.
NONE of them want to know. What a relief ! Phew

Maybe your next question should be: WHY are they cheating!? WHY every single girl I know got a proposal from a married man !!
Sheba - not every truth needs to be revealed. Therefore I choose silence.

And welcome back!

I've watched every episode of SATC and the first season of Desperate housewives..so I KNOW EVERYTHING! Even the first signs of yeast infection..wallah!
I think you should not intreffere with other peoples lives no matter what even for the closest friend and like bo jaij and nano said yimkin nazwaa .

ever man needs the change between time to time unless his wife gives him that change . but if she stayed the way she was .. trust me he will search for other women to have sex with .

also so many older women know about their husbands and forgive them for that cuz of many reasons :
1. they are too busy with children
2. too busy with house work
3. ..... etc

so they say as soon as its out side the house and my husband loves me and can take care of me .. then why should she bothers to make a fuss out of it . later on the love between 2 couple will die and companionship starts , so why distroy all that cuz of SEX . and she has him around all the time .

of course i would mention one thing . every thing has limits even this one ... i think etha gassar ib wajebata ily bl beeet , she has to take action . but other than that .. no
On a different tangent, some women say they would rather their husband had a temporary fling than marry someone (and be stuck with a shereecha).

I find myself in agreement with BoJai's comments as well.
the tough equation: tell the friend about the spouse's cheating and most likely ruin the marriage; or remain silent and bearing the guilt, and the possibility of more potential cheatings. it is certainly a tough dicission and i would think alot.

hey sheba dont worry about kse, you don't know how is it gonna get tomorrow or the day after.. it's like predicting what's the nxt look for whats her name!
i'm looking for Desperate housewives..from where did u get it?
They have call girls in Hawally???
heey .. welcome back :>

as for the cheating thing i say go ahead and tell them .. it always hurts when u're the last one to know especially if whatever happened concerns you.. it's just the way you approach the subject.. u either blurt it out and get it over with or start with endless introductions..

nano try www.tv.org

I fly to the states every week to watch the show.

The show is just ok nothing amazing....funny and soapy and not as sexy as SATC of course...what happens inside the Kuwaiti houses is MUCH MORE outrageous and a lot more funnier...

So my advice is to keep reading Jewaira's blog...and watch reruns of SATC

Housewives is being shown on BBC channel 4 right now and Ktv is planning to show it after Friday prayers to add a much needed touch of liberalism ( They are busy adding CG Hijabat on the actors ) .
this is the reason why i am confused of these fixed merriges her in this country.

let me tell you,
1- a friend of mine been married for 10 years and her husband is cheating with my friend!! imagin how this could feel, i give advices to both parties and can't do a thing, and when i finally decided to talk to him he was very proud of him self and started to flirt with me (although he was very gream gentelmen befor i talked to him) i guess i made my self look like a fool.

2- another friend got married last september and last January her husband followed me to school ('we only met at the wedding he don't know me) and asked for my number.. 6ab3an as my action as always 7egartah, but then i regret it , i wished i took his number and called him from my friends phone or did something to him with out breaking their marriage but 6ab3an i did nothing and i stayed away from my friend and did not try to meet her with her husband , i don't know why !! kheft 3aleehoum they are new wedds.

there are a lot more but i think 6awalt 3aleekom , i havee 10 of my friends who their husbands cheat on them infront of my eyes, and i could'nt do a thing accept advicing the wife!!
That is very interesting. Is this a new phenomenon amongst the 20-somethings? If you personally know 10 people whose husbands cheat on them, then something has definitely changed the values in this country.
why is it always about men ? where is the women share in it ?

what do you think of women cheating on their husbands ?
I would tell her.. Just cuz if she knew that you knew before she found out.. she would be hurt twice.. betrayal of a husband and a friend who kept the secret away from her.. when shes angery she might not think that you were only trying to protect her.. she might realize that after, but as for the time when shes emotionally messed up.. you won't be the shoulder shes crying on.. So yeah if you are REALLY REALLY close to her.. Go ahead and tell her..
Plus with these things... it always comes out one way or the other.. maybe you could lay it down to her in a more gentle way that won't be as shocking as .. lets say her seeing him herself.
Crappy Nappy.. As for your request,

a fiancé of a male friend of mine bluntly was hitting on me at a party about a year ago.. I froze at that moment.. I didn’t know what to do, just smiled and tried to change the subject... and never said a word to him although he was at the party somewhere.. I couldn’t face him after that, although I know I didn’t do anything wrong..

Today, I lost touch with him, and I see him with her (as husband and wife) at parties time to time and say hi to them both.. but never stay alone with her LOLOL.. malee khilg it happens again..

أنا أتفق مع
in certain cases the woman will try to hit on a married mثn not taking in consederation that she will be ruining his family life..LooOOL there is a married,with kids woman we know she specialise on his hitting on married men
jewera i believe sum sing rong :):)

well this is a very sensitive subject, for every ga3eda there is shawath and for meeting a wife who cheat on her husband is really possible as much as him cheating on her, but to me thank god my friends are with high islamic manars and they really cherish their family.
but sometimes women action can be taken wronge from men, they might understand them wronge, that they are hitting on them while they are just being sweet as they are, it happened to me alot so this what changed me.

people thanks to these idiots the country is scar now.
nooni.. so if a woman says to me " you're so tempting me and I'm fighting to hold back my self".. is that being sweet ??

hmmm !! go figure !!

elmawthoo3 ythayyeg il9adr...

everyday i wake up and think.. wesh Allah mkallefnee 3ala hal ashkaal?

ashoofli "Walter" abrakli
its a very awkward position indeed. but i would keep silent. it would embarass my friend if i bring it up to her. and its best she finds out on her own.
I say Brad Pitt is a Some of a Bitch like all cheating bastards & bitches. If you cant stand the heat GET OUT!

Just read your comment! What do you mean? So cheating is okay if the wife doesn't change the colors of her panties? So if the husband doesn't like to change positions then she can cheat too?

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