Sunday, February 27, 2005

Great Kissing

Just came across a lame article on kissing on and i think we can do better than that.

1. I am assuming Kissing is HIGHLY and GREATLY important to the gals. But how important is kissing for the guys?

2. What makes a good kiss?

3. Which was your most memorable kiss?

Note: My answers will come later in the comments area :)

1- you know

2- you know

3- you know
1. Extremely important
2. Full lips and a searching tongue
3. I don't have all day!
Nice ;)
1. It's VERY important.
2. Same as Zaydoun's answer.
3. hmmm ... I can still remember it.
Hey plushness .. hot topic to raise .. :)
For me .. as a gurly point of view .. well .. u know it already .. who doesn't ? ;)
And what makes a good kiss ??
Well , surely that guy would be my love .. otherwise .. I'd chock while kissing .. lolz .. and that what makes it not just good .. but awesomely gooooooood ;) …
And my most memorable kiss was with a guy on campus at men's toilet ((( weeeeeeeeeeee))) he had to grow a third leg with that kiss .. I felt it … hushhhhhhhhhh
Silence all .. Me was talking ;)
Your inputs so far have brought to my thinking these questions:

Is it a kiss if there's no tongue twisting involved?

And is it possible to NOT grow a third leg during a tongue twisting session?
No and No.... unless there's a physical problem down there, and for that the little blue or yellow pills are the answer ;-)
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Sheba ..
the answers to your 2 questions would answer the main question which is whether the kiss is good or not.

Mr. Tongue won't be involved unless the kiss is developing into a "good kiss" stage. Curious "Third Leg" won't grow unless it's a good kiss.

I'm not going to question why you don't want it to grow :-P

Thank you Zaydoun, Thank you Fawaz. You have only confirmed what i know-- 3rd leg doesn't NOT grow. I was having this argument with a friend, and although HE DOESN'T recall a time when he didn't grow a sub-embellical appendage, he insisted that when Europeans kiss in the park, nothing happens because they are 'CIVILIZED' and Kuwaiti kissing is sexually oppressed and hence the 3rd leg!
يا عيني
Sheba... why repressed allah yhadach? Maybe just horny

And how the hell can anyone know if a European guy gets a 3rd appendage in the park, without going up to them and saying "excuse me, got wood?"
Kathartai :p

lol I am sure they 'got wood', but the friend i was having the discussion with does NOT want to believe it.
getting hot !!!

your first Q ... well .. the answer is ... taraaaaaaaaa :)

surley YES .. otherwise , my bro would quit kissing me everytime i come and visit him ;)

To me , there are two types of kissing ..
1- spontaneous kiss
2- French kiss

William Kane in his book " Art of KIssing " elaborated ...
1-The first kiss
2- The lip kiss
3- The shy kiss
and elaborated more ...
4- The mirror kiss
5- The talking kiss
6- The laughing kiss
7- The eye kiss
8- The biting kiss
Yep , the list goes on :) ..
9- The make-up kiss
10- The ear kiss
11- The phone kiss
12- The neck kiss
13- The eskimo kiss
14- The electric kiss
15- The candy kiss
16- The sliding kiss
17- The wet kiss
18- The hollywood kiss
okh :s ...
19- The teasing kiss
20- The butterfly kiss
21- The public kiss
22- The music kiss
23- The upside-down kiss
24- The vacuum kiss
25- The french kiss
26- The trobriand islands kiss
27- The car kiss

Oh my ! .. I would die to get kissed by such an expert :p ...

anyways , .. back to ur second Q :
According to Kane's book .. No , but it may differ to what level the growth of this third leg has reached :p .. (( author's fan Quote ;) ))


How informative! Ok so whats a trobriand kiss?

(sheba on ;)
hey sheba .. if i start telling u what a trobriand kiss is , then what's the point of making adds to such book :p .. ???
For the sake of enriching ur sexual knowledge .. I'll tell u what a trobriand kiss is :) ..
IT's been defined as an exotic animalistic kiss which involved teeth and blood ... ewwwwwwwwww

i guess u don't wanna try it .. do u ?

1- Of course.. Kissing is mushily sweet.. but some guys are simply obsessed with it. And to them I say: Next, please.

2- Beats me.. Good timing?

3- A totally unexpected, off-guard kiss back in 2001.
آخر سلطنة

شفتي وشلون؟ المشكلة ان ما فيني حيل ادقق
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القبله الأولى

عامان … مراَّ عليها يا مُقبلتي
وعطرها لم يزل يجري على شفتي
كأنها الآن .. لم تذهب حلاوتُها
ولا يزالُ شذاها ملءَ صومعتي
إذ كان شعركِ في كفي زوبعةً
وكان ثغركِ أحطابي .. وموقدتي
قولي أ أفرغتِ في ثغري الجحيم
وهل من الهوى أن تكوني أنتِ محرقتي
لمّا تصالبَ ثغرانا بدافئةٍ
لمحتُ في شفتيها طيف مقبرتي
تروي الحكاياتُ أن الثغر معصيةٌ
حمراءُ .. إنك قد حببتِ معصيتي
ويزعُمُ الناسُ أن الثغر ملعبها
فما لها التهمتْ عظمي وأوردتي؟
يا طيبَ قبلتكِ الأولى..يرفُّ بها
شذا جبالي .. وغاباتي ..وأوديتي
ويا نبيذيّة الثغر الصبيِّ .. إذ
ذكرتُهُ غرقَتْ بالماء حنجرتي
ماذا على شفتي السفلى تركتِ ..
وهل طبعتها في فمي الملهوب أم رئتي ؟
لم يبقَ لي منكِ .. إلا خيطُ رائحةٍ
يدعوكِ أن ترجعي للوكر سيدتي
ذهبت أنتِ لغيري .. وهي باقيةٌ
نبعاً من الوهج لم ينشفْ ولم يمُتِ
تركتني جائعَ الأعصاب منفرداً
أنا على نهم الميعاد .. فالتفتي

نزار قباني

element of surprise is always nice ;)


ya 3aini 3elaich o 3ala Nezar Qabani.
Funny, Sheba I was also going to ask about the trobriand kiss but I got my answer. I suppose it has its purpose ;)

Like D.O. listed for us, there are many different types of delicious kisses for all occasions.

Most memorable are those kisses after being apart for a long time;
and the long, slow, searching kisses after having satisfying sex
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