Sunday, February 27, 2005

Du Bay - Do Bye - Id Bai - Dubai

We've been going to Dubai since the 70's on transit. A desert, a Sheraton, a Hilton, a tacky airport, and the Kuwaiti hospital. In the early 90's we started going again to Jebel Ali beach resort. We would go down town on the single lane, unlit high way, only to buy electronics. It looked a lot like Dammam with a lot of cheap imported labour crowding the streets. The resort was a different story: models enjoying the Friday BBQ, topless Europeans getting their last minute tan.

Later in the 90's, and 2000's. I would go to Dubai on business twice a year atleast, stay in the best hotels, and eat in the best restaurants, spend a lot of money shopping in Armani (before it opened in Kuwait) and sometimes when my visit coincides with friends we would go clubbing. I hated it. I hated it for the lack of character, and its lack of identity. It seemed like it was a city designed to eagerly please the Euro traveller, but managed to lose Dubai in the process.

February 2005 was another story. Dubai has found itself, its identity, and I LOVE IT!

P.S. I was there on business again, and my number one Middle East holiday destination is and will always be LEBANON. B7ebek ya Lebnaaaaan!

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Gourmet food is what will make Dubai the real hotspot of the arab world...If they can attact more world class chefs like Chef Ramsey

I've started blogging because you were away and I had to vent out....I will stay calm as I promised
Bo jaij,

Missed you there, and i really wished you were there so i can enjoy good food with someone who respects and knows his food. Oh i also wished you were with me to watch the un-edited movies on the wide screen :/

I couldnt go and you know why.

As for movies you know me....I perfer to lay down and watch a DVD these days than to sit on my butt for 2 hours without real "made of pork" hot dogs and real popcorn with lard.
Aviator was 3 hours & i was on atkins that day (so no popcorn :((( but gladly it was an amazing film.

Oh they had French film week early Feb in Dubai. We missed that too :(
There is an extremly funny british show...brand new...called Nathan Barley Its a Comedy series written by Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris which mercilessly parodies the lifestyles of young London media types.

AMAZINGLY FUNNY!!! and I'm talking about throw-up funny

episode 3 was last week
Bo jaij,

care to share? :)
ahleen and welcome back!

I've always liked dubai o lebnan 7oomat kabd o theegat 9adr..

be5te9aar shadeed, not my scene..

sheba, i like ur blog.. its my fav.. i dont think i have the energy to check other blogs.. im back to square one (like last summer)

i'll go watch vanity fair now
Bella! Luv ya! Although i know that your judgement is not without bias, but i will take this as a big compliment as i know that your taste is very discriminating :* Thank you girl.

Oh & about Lebanon, i'm sure you didn't enjoy it because of the exodus of your fellow Riyadhites that summer.
Sheba... just got back from Idbay. The best meal I had was at the fish restaurant in Al-Qasr, called "PierChic". The setting is on a pier out in the sea and the food is orgasmic!

And I'm a sucker for Noodle House at the Emirates Tower. I'll be posting something about Dubai when I get my pictures out of the digital camera (i.e. at home, not at work)

Bo Jaij... when are we going on our gastronomy tour?
Welcome Back Zaydoun & Hope you had fun. I will not go into what was my favorite place to eat. I am pissed off as hell at how Kuwait pales to Dubai in every respect- even the 'Halal' and only entertainment we have -- DINING!
Sheba... Good gourmet restaurants requires the following to succeed financially:

1. A good wine list to complement the food
2. A healthy tourist trade

Since we lack both these ingredients (with no chance of change in the near future), you can forget gastronomic experiences here since most Kuwaitis go out to see and be seen, not to appreciate good food.

Quite frankly, the only "orgasmic" meal here for me - asides from home cooking - is a Johnny Rockets double cheese burger, followed by a Rocky Road from Chocolate Bar. I also worship the gyoza dumplings at Maki
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