Monday, January 17, 2005

Ministers Hurt when Called ‘Kuffar’ by Terrorist (Cute!)

I think I may have a snippet of how a person can turn from part of a family, community, and nation to an aggressive and ‘terroristic’ counterpart.

I missed my cousin who has long turned religious, and I thought it’s a good chance to meet up with her on my birthday, but then remembered that birthday celebrations are ‘sinful’ in her book.

She was always pious but with time her list of what is sinful grew. First she started going to classes in religion to know more. The she stopped listening to music because its ‘sinful’ to waste your time on music while you could listen to religious programs or the Quran. She then wore the hijab. She then wanted to employ only Muslim help in her household. She then enrolled her girls in an ‘Islamic’ nursery. They then graduated to an all-girls Islamic school.

This cousin is far from being a terrorist or an extremist but I can see how easy it is to call people who are seen to have a long list of sins ‘kuffar’ or ‘infidels’.

Sad it is that even the basics in Muslim rituals can be called ‘sinful’ or ‘bida3’, and its scary how the so called Islamic groups can stand in front of us (the blind) and lecture on how we were taught wrong and that all we’ve been doing is sinning all our lives. Example, 2 years ago in Hajj we had classes in between our rituals given by the administrators. We were shocked to learn that the way we do ‘widhoo2’ and the way we pray is all wrong! Of course our Hajj organizers were ‘Salaf’ who the Ikhwan call Kuffar and who call the ‘Ikhwan’ kuffar—so you can imagine how easily the Ministers and the rest of Kuwait can be called kuffar too.


kha66akom elsoo2 ya 7ayati :(
Dear Sheba,

Thankyou for the post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. As always its well written and informative.

I have nothing to add other than "al-deen yesr moo 3esr"

I hope it came out right.

Religion should not be hard on you but rather embrace you and sustain you. It has for me. I do not find it hard to be the way I am and at the same time do good by God. If on the other hand I was to be like your cousin....Well then Life would be hard to enjoy and embrace.

I wish you all the best,

Hi Sheba
Yeah it is sad, and to tell you the truth the whole idea of Ikhwan and Salaf is just too much (personal opinion). Besides, most of the early scholars disagreed on some things that were okay to disagree on, so righteousness is not a straight and rigid path, but more like a tree with a bark that has a base and branches where people can choose to disagree without falling off the tree (hmm excuse the graphic representation here).

I talked about this briefly in my blog I posted maybe 30 min ago entitled Unity through diversity.

I also concur with Misguided, very well said.
p.s. Excuse the link. You can remove it if you wish. No disrespect intended :)
W: Kha6akum il lash 7abeebti
Misguided: Yes it is 3esr and 'aldeen mu3amala'
V. Contender: Welcome to this blog, will check out yours ASAP

Happy Eid by the way .. This goes to all the readers here too :-)

I need to say one thing about the point where the administrators of your Hajj group were telling you how your praying and "wodhoo'" practices were all done wrong.

I think I mentioned it here in a very early blog before but I'll say it again.

When I 6, it was the first Ramadhan that I get to fast. So mom was trying to also encourage me to read as much as I can from the Quran during Ramadhan. She said that I have to eventually be able to finish reading all of it during this one month.

However, the Quran she had that day had margins full of explanations of every "aya" in the Quran. So I was interested. To me, it was like reading alot of historic stories with all the explanation to it.

To cut the story short, most of the explanation written in those margins was positive and encouraging. Always encouraging you to do more good deeds.

The shocker was 2 years ago when my mom went to Hajj for her 2nd time. She brought me a Quran from Makka as a gift. She said it had the explanations in the margins just like her old Quran. So I was happy, kissed her forehead and thanked her for it.

Ramadhan came in 9 months after and I thought I should read the Quran and finish it like I was taught. Something I don't do every year but I should. Anyway, I was amazed of how the explanations have changed.

They are now all negative. An example on how changed it was is that, it was always in the form of DON'T and THIS IS WRONG. Compared to my mom's old Quran, it was always reminding you of the good deeds you need to do. This new one was completely different :-(

So I told mom about it and she thought I must have mis-read it. So I asked her to open a random page on her old Quran and I will open the same page on mine. Then, we can compare explanations.

You want to know her reaction?

This is her reaction --> :O

Yes, even the way we teach about God has changed from God/Allah loves us all and we obey for the love he has given us, to Allah who must fear and obey or else. SAD.
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