Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Little Bit Sheba

Concentrate on Sheba, Concentrate on Sheba, Concentrate on Sheba (2 good friend's advise), so here i go:

1. On the weight front: I've been pigging out like crazy because i thought i was looking too thin. Now i'm too fat (of course), so i went shopping to buy new gym clothes (for motivation) and i've been going daily (for 2 days).

2. In General: T-shirts are a lot shorter then they used to be. Everyone has seen my love handles and not so flat stomache, not that i have quelms over nudity...

3. On Girl Friends': The new trend among my girlfriends is OLDER MEN. Why would anyone want to be with a guy old enough to be called '3amu' (translation: Uncle)?

4. On the guy front:
A. Seriously-- The notion of 'the one' is still strong in me, BUT i am fighting it because if there was only 1 'One', then i'll be loveless for the rest of my life, either because i have had my chance with the One (and blew it) or that i haven't met him yet (and will not).
B. Not so seriously-- guys are looking better in 2005, i think its a tease from my chubby angels to see how strong i am in the face of men who look like Greek Deities!


3amu ? how about jiddo??
I got a proposal last week from a 48 yr old divorced grandpa!! shrayech??
I went hilarious!
allah yaster , i laughed alotttttttt
Dunno who im gonna end up with..
Sheba - good luck with the excercising.
"Why would anyone want to be with a guy old enough to be called '3amu' (translation: Uncle)?"
-Answer: comfort and security.

Bora - Is he rich? It might not be a bad offer after all :)
*flashbacks of 40 something year old pervert who insisted that I should call him by his first name instead of 3ammi*

Sheba, remember him, from the cafe? ;p
who the hell came up with the defeating idea of 'the one' anyway? i think we can connect with so many people, depending on how receptive our energy is. so don't give up, girl! And where the 'greek dieties looking men' at?
Bora! We do not want to be accused of ageism here. Btw, 48 is a lot younger than the examples of those I have in mind. Plus 48 is still young. But I think you may be too young to be a step grandma.

Shosho: what about a couple’s sex life?

W: e we3, & how old were you 20 then? And he was fat & ugly too, & not too bright!

Luminous: I like your name. Yes & I’m very ‘receptive’. Greek deities do not go to Palms, that’s all I can say (for fear of further exposure of my ID) ;p
yes,,,, I was only 20 :(

He's not. Even if he is,
I dream of the perfect most compatible marriage.
Certainly, it's not this one :)
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