Monday, January 24, 2005

The Boys' Room

There was an instant connection, only because their souls are still of a child’s. Tarnished by many, but still bare and uncovered by the usual social masks that one assumes as he or she becomes socialized into adulthood.

He sat his feminine frame next to hers, as if sure that his proximity would not invade her personal space. They instantly downloaded their childhood stories into each other’s memories, and the connection solidified as they discovered that their ‘experiences’ were parallel. His agony was manifest in his eyes, although he looked down as he described in detail what had happened to him. He did not feel violated. Perhaps it was his survival tactic. She did not want to see him agonized and thus did not ask ‘aren’t you angry that this happened to you?’

He was not angry, but he was in need of direction. She revealed to him her view and although it appealed to him, he was not sure that he can walk her path. He has chosen a path that takes him only from one minute to the next, to avoid old, unresolved feelings from re-emerging. She has taken a path that allows her flexibility in thought and action. Her doctrine liberated her from her own nightmarish, unresolved memories- it allowed her to binge into love as if the more love in her life, the farther the tide of memories would go.

She believes she is superior because her childhood was a trade off. The angels were there to protect her forever, if she kept her side of the deal. And she wanted to make the same deal for him, if only he would.

As they parted, they looked deeply into each other’s souls, understanding all that was unsaid.

Mmm.. I think he's lucky she found him.
Were they both sexually abused as children?

Gigi, curiously
Hey Sheba,

This is a bit irrelevant but I would like to point out to a post on how to change your site feed into snippets on, so that when your posts show up on Safat they won't be too long and ruin the site.

So please change your settings to showing Short Feeds :)
If she can make a difference. But I think they're both lucky.


Ma3arf 7ag hal suwalif :s
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