Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Wife Search

A a very good friend of mine (26 yrs) is looking for a wife. He wants someone independent, smart, and easy on the eye.

If you feel that you may fit the description above, please e-mail your interest to

Thank you,

Ammateur Kha6abah

how tall is he?
LOOOOOOOOOL... Sheba!!! are you serious? ammateur kha6abah..:pPp~~ ShoSho nice question:D hmmmm my question would be.. Do you realize what you're doing :P
No no just kidding,,, hmmmm his eyes colour? hair colour? skin colour? and one more thing wait wait... Do you like the girl with a wavey hair do? :D

hmm, and why can't he find one?
5'8 i think
Kuwaiti looking guy

But girls what happened to the fundamentals?? Is he a nice guy, intelligent, hard working, kind hearted, respectful & respectable, etc..?

How is he supposed to meet a girl? He doesnt want to do it the traditional way & he is not a sersary
No guy is neither, well expect one guy I know and he is shy.
lol Sheba Sheba,
So now only 'sarsariya' get to meet girls, ha?
(Oh wait.. maybe you have a point there)

My advice to your friend:
Take that marriage idea out of your head for now. You're still young, enjoy what you have. One day you will meet 'her', and I promise she will turn your life into living hell.. no need to rush.
So he asked you because he wants a girl from the blogger community? Very brave young man

Or is it his last chance of finding a female....maybe blogger girls are more chicken nuggety ..thus safer to handle and easy to feed ( 8 piece nuggets - large fries - dark chocolate from gam3iyya )

My advice to your friend is to do a Mesyaar type marriage ...hopping from one blog to he wont get bored or too stuffed with 2 days old Casper and Gambini turkey sandwiches or an endlessly repeating Samantha Fox song ( old!!) from a faulty ipod

madri wesh agool.. I just felt like posting something :p

I'm going to watch tv
I am really not getting the iPods thingy Bu_JaiJ...

Black Cat Black Cat, Where Have You Been?


Queen Sheba,

Can I submit a friend into the draw ? She refused, but can I still do it without her consent? She's 27 though, is there an age limit?

The Girl with the Pink Shoes :)
Hmmmm... I assume that shy guy is you purg :pPp... and I go with Shrouq this time... :)

Golden Gurl,

nope am not that, he is an actual friend of mine, a good one also :)

I am as Sheba likes to call my breed, sarsareee.
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iiiiiiii !! i wana marry him hehehhehehehehhe
lol thi smust be a joke, something must be up with him if he cant find it normally lol
Explain easy on the eyes ? I like this phrase

Ya3ni wa7da ma t7e6 7aleema boland makeup mn 9aba7 rab el3alameen
Oh I got it .....
Wa7da Easy on eyes ma3a sha66aa please
I need one too
Haw Eshfeekom ?!

W. & Crappy Nappy,

"Easy on the eyes" means wa7da moo Jaykarah w moo shar6 jameelah bes aham shay innha ma et3awer 3ainik... Someone Comfortable to Look at :)

PSS :)
7aleema boland isnt comfy to look at :
I know what you mean,, bs jat hal insana 3ala baale
oh boy oh boy oh boy!

I missed a lot of fun on this topic.. But sadly even my humble ammateur kha6aba efforts have failed to find my gentleman friend a candidate for a wife.
Hello me lady. Thanks for explaining 'easy on the eye' :)

Yes please submit your friend's details to me by e-mail so i can draw some compatibility tests ;)
I would like to party with Haleema Boland one day. I could imagine it will be funny
she is pretty but has an ugly butt
May God help you to Create a New Interesting Blog .

Tell him to star blogging its seems to work.. loool
hehe bare feet welcome to the blog
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