Tuesday, January 25, 2005

What We Look for in a Guy?

In High school: cute older guys (with cars) who can dance
In College: Witty, athletic, popular guys
Year 1-2 work: Handsome, witty, gentle and intelligent
Year 3-4 work: Handsome, witty, gentle, intelligent, open-minded
Year 5-6 work: Handsome, witty, intelligent, open-minded, sensitive, confident.
Year 7-8 work: Intelligent, well-read, open-minded but respects his culture, sensitive, confident, generous, can cook, has a good sperm count, no emotional or commitment issues, & is a gentleman (with cute lips) & we can talk forever.

Now is that too much to ask?

So what do Guys look for in a Girl?

P.S. feels like i've done this subject before

sensitive doesn't work on straight guys .. they'd be too needy and won't take a funny/sarcastic tongue lash with an open heart .. they’d be all hurt and mushy mushy on you (yukh) .. so all the above minus the sensitivity part..
Intai min no3 'Treat them mean, keep them keen?'
it works cause they always come back for more :>
Great topic SHEBA!
i'm only in my 1-2 year work, and I ALREADY WANT 7-8 year work. I thought standards get lower as we age, dont they?
I would also like to add another hopeful requirement: italian/spanish/latin genes
Ya 3aini 3elaich ;)

Merci! Yes Italian PLEASE. No standards do not go down because you know more & you become more refined & women/girls tend to florish as they mature.
The Girl

Should appreciate "good" food. Good food can be Mcdonald's but not Hardee's ( yuk ). Bokhari in Sheraton not Moghel Mahal ( grease town ). Real Coffee not Starbucks ( 770 calorie Venti! ), real moist sticky date cake not dry low fat low sugar piece of wood. Real fresh Sashimi not frozen smelly road kill meat served in most jap restaurants in Q8. Big thick juicy steak..rare...bloody...tons of blood...makes a vampire wear a cross and goes to church for a long confession.

and yes the C H O C O L A T A A....Kakaw...Food of the Gods...Allah's ultimate gift to his Adams and Eves....passion for chocolate is paramount...matter of life and death....True (Tarzan and Jane) love not the fake (Q8y-m7amad 3abdo song) love......A woman who appreciates The Chocolata..appreciates life...appreciates passionate love making...appreciates God for he has made her taste buds so sensitive and so loving that they connect to her heart ...directly.

Tongue ---> Heart
I want to add that while our standards CHANGE some people tend to see them as a down grade. For example, if i find all of the above in a guy, any guy, i would go for him-- while in the past i would consider things like 'kuwaiti/mu kuwaiti; how old/young is he; etc..)
Praying that he's single, Sheba sits up in her seat, lips covered in chocolate (Belgian of course), waiting for Bu Jaij to sweep her off her feet!
Tarzan on his way..with one coconut ..two straws
Afa bo jaij,
2 coconuts, 1 straw a7la
Tarzan will bring 200 coconuts...

Tarzan thanks great tribe leader Baba Jaber ( 3 drum beats ) ..Cheetah is still waiting ( no bank account )

Jane you kind white woman ..white heart.. you give Tarzan happy hippo feeling...Tarzan eat more mangos...eat more cocoa beans..Tarzan is king of hippos now..
I have cute lips... not sure about my sperm count though ;-P
What I look for in a guy

1- Hight (duhh)
2- Naughty
3- Witty and sarcastic (but certainly not bitter)
4- Loves to eat - especially local food, who isn't ashamed to eat with his hands - يعني سره موب مقصوص بكانزس
5- Intelligent (but not a smart-ass, I hate those)
6- Generous but not stupid
7- ULTRA EGOTISTICAL (mmmmmmmmmmm)
8- Yummy Juicy red lips
9- Spirtual
10- Outdoorsy
11- Smells good?
12- Open minded and not judgmental
13- Looks aren't important as long as he has good teeth and knows how to take care of his feet (I hate nasty feet)
14- Same family background (yes I learned that on the long (or short run actually) this DOES matter and it will mess things up..)
15- I don't mind chubby guys, infact I think they are adorable and ultra sexy
16- Independant and ambitious

Last but not least, his name shouldn't be either Faisal or Sultan...


Kind of difficult considering you Come from the "Land of Faisals", Non ?


It All Sounds Familiar, because the topic never changes!


Hmmm.... You remind me of someone... *pink thinks*

Wishing You All a Fruitful Quest,
PSS :)
W: Yes thank you, forgot pudgie & naughty!
Zaydoun: Khanshoof
PSS: Gee thanks ;)
Bu_Jaij... PSS thinks you remind her of ME, because of our mutual obsession with food!
No Actually Saud is much more popular than Faisal. I don't really mind the name Saud as much as Faisal..

Or Sultan.. blekh

we are all the same...equal....200 KD a head
I had a list like that once, I forgot what happened to it though it's probably a good idea to make a new one.

I don't think I'd share it though...
مافيه عينات؟؟
One difference between younger me and older me:

Year 1-2 work: Taller than me when I wear 4" heels

Year 7-8 work: Taller than me when I'm barefoot
Dont kid your selves ladies you forgot one crucial matter and it is :
Money money and more money
This is such a "chick's" topic.

One thing from me to say here, and it's for "W.", how flexible is the condition of the person's name? :-P
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