Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hots & NOTs

1. Guys in hot fast cars who cannot drive them!
2. Homophobic heterosexuals.
3. Chicken Nuggets and chicken nuggets wannabe's.
4. Multi color HIGHLIGHTS.
5. Sushi.
6. Designer t-shirts, designer tennis shoes.
7. Skimmed Milk.
8. Ipods!

1. Monogomous, fun-loving couples.
2. Daddies at Marina mall with their kids.
3. Dates at Virgin Mega store.
4. Sashimi.
5. Bitchiness & Gossip.
6. Fit Bods!
7. Hot chocolate.
8. Touareg.

LAISH..!! Wallah I was on my way back home 2day... and there was a guy GOD KNOWS HOW MUCH HE WAS HOT AND HANDSOME.. e7m:X first I was avoiding him... giving him A WAY to pass me.. But obviously, he could not handle his car..!! yeah he was driving one of a kind car... probably he was going to suicide or trying to attend a meeting or so << a5af bas shaklah ma6fooq..!! ba3daain a girl who happen to be the most awkward girl, she was looking at me with that piercing look her eyebrows were flying above her head!! LAISH:S I don't know , Oo if she had a gun, e7m she would have pulled the trigger and assassinated me:/
Sushi Yummy.. Multi color HIGHLIGHTS..ekh not a big fan! That is for the Not, as for the HOTs... hmmm hot chochlates m3 hal jaw... :)

Have a great day sweet Sheba...;)

t9adgeen Sheba madree laish 7sait nafsy gargah...!! madree shfeny 9ayrah ya agreg ya asket..!! smellah 3alay :/

Lo siento...

Must disagree with the iPods, and I was about to disagree with the sushi when I remembered that I never order it when I go out. I order as much salmon sashimi as I can!

Your HOT list is perfect. All of it!
I loved the
1). "chicken nuggets wannabe's"
walla 9agga..ethba7ona we 3ala balhom zain..
2). "Bitchiness & Gossip"
elmoshkela they don't want to admit that they love gossiping they're in denyal..i loved it when u catogrised it as a HOTs
9. everything served at chocolate bar.
afaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaish....3aaad kil shay walaa sushi w skimmed milk! thats what i live on. I would eat sushi everyday if i ever find a place that doesn't have overpriced sushi.
and skimmed milk!! humph...girl i'm tryin to keep that figure!
Golden girl! Hehe i think that must be the same guy that pissed me off yesterday morning for his dumb driving.

Zaydoun, freshest Salmon sashimi is at WASABI order some chilli powder with it. If you're into Tuna sashimi their's is the best too. As to the iPod, hmmph i know you're a fan but they've become too much of a fashion must have rather than a cool gadget.

Nano! hehe you hate chicken nuggets but you're surrounded by them- mushkil! My worst night mare is mums who can barely speak English talking to their children in the worst accent possible in English. Reminds me of Bye Bye London.

As to the gossip & bitchiness, hehe yebeelich ga3da!

Flamingoliya, the real Chocolate Bar at Harrods wila the one in Marina? And whats your fave?

LUMINOUS, OK skimmed milk has more carbs than full fat milk, & has less calcium, and calorie counting is OUT. As to sushi, it became passe with ATKINS carb counting craze and Sashimi is more refined and adult-- its like the postgrad of Japanese food.

But i must also mention that ATKINS is out and in came this acronym for 2005: DANI (Done Atkins Not Impressed). But that would be a lie if i said i'm not impressed cuz even with cheating on chocolates, Atkins still works. However, the chocolates must not be the real stuff with a chocolate content of atleast 35%. I recommend Cote D'ore (kakaw bu feel) from jam3iya.
10- being yourself
11- having fun
corrections: in-> at; chocolates MUST be the real thing
10-Social climbers
11- star academy look
i still don't have a fave at marina's chocolate bar. i can only tell you when i try the whole list. but what's with Cote D'ore? i like it but wayid dasim!

"skimmed milk has more carbs than full fat milk, & has less calcium"
i'm shocked! and i thought i was having enough calcium! so what's the alternative? drink full fat instead? i don't want to have weak bones when i grow up!
Doctor's told my ex when she was pregnant with our first child, though, that if she were going to drink whole milk, she'd do better off drinking none and taking calcium supplements.

I'm all about the skimmed milk. Drank it for too long and now whole milk seems more like paint.

Oh and I like my iPod, too.

Pink Shoes.


Boring Black Shoes.
PSS: i'm looking 4 a pink high heel shoes??
where can i find it
Flam: Cote D'ore plain chocolate or dark chocolate (not the truffle).

Bitzer: I love milk, thats the truth. But just read that women should not exceed 4 servings of dairy products a day (to avoid risk of cancer- cant remember where, i think ovarian or breast).
nano, jimmy choo

PSS, your specialty!
صج؟؟عيل اليوم بروح
Methinks Sheba's 'hot', and everyone else is 'not' :)
Shurouq XOXOXO
Mario Bologna new stripper-like platform sandals (wlli feehom rhinestones)

check them out ybakkoooooooooooooooN men il jamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

C&C california, True Religion

Lo sma7tee ipod is a HOT!! especially the U2 edition one.

7 jeans and Miss 60 (khalas they had enough attention, time for new brands)

Zaydoun, whats the star academy look?
Hot: D-Squared, "Arrested Development", Being single, detoxing, Jennifer Lopez come back, charity work

Not: DIESEL, Puma, Lebanon, smoking, star bucks?
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