Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Terrorist Fail to Terrorize

Very angry.

If the point of the terrorist bastards is to 'instill' terror in us, then they have failed. But they have managed to further put hatred and anger in us towards anything that looks too 'islamasized', that is a long beard, a short dishdasha (robe), a niqab, or anyone that looks that he might be 'Islamisized', that is a beduin. Nice job.

Message to the government, next time you sleep with your favorite minorities (badu) and religious parties who you think would aid you against the liberals' democratic thinking, please use birth control!

They have spread like a cancer. Deep within the most sensitive parts of the Kuwaiti society.
well-said sheba
Badu have nothing to do with this Sheba, and Islamists were nothing but a sect, it is us to blame, yes the Q8i's, we have given them the power to grow by donating money to the Islamic funds that god knows where it ends, money is power. Also the government who was wooing them all these year, are they happy now?
nice analogy at the end ;p!
walla makoo ila hal khama il badu ow il fanatics ily imkharbeen 3aliana our lifestyle!
Im with Rabab on this one...
With all my respect to the Beduin community, and many of my friends are of beduin decent and are way more refined & educated than some of my non-beduin friends/aquantances. And it must also be noted that 2 generations ago, Kuwait was hardly literate. I remember my grandma (God rest her soul) going back to school because her father was going through bad times when it was her turn to go to school and she couldn't complete her secondary education. HOWEVER, a good majority of beduins have not had a transition between their true beduin and the modernity of Kuwait today.
Beduins are known to be loyal followers of the Royal family and the head of their tribe, but how did that loyalty redirect to a figure that shames their tribe?

much worse

3etbaan with Saudi passports
la ykoon feeh 3taibi 9oomali wana madri
hehe W
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