Friday, October 08, 2004


Cousin is trying to set me up with a distant relative. Feeling guilty because of ex. Is that normal?


Bo Jaij

ana shno gaylech akther men mara :) forget your ex., that is why he is called ex.
I hate set ups, they're usually never tactful & are very embarrassing, especially when it comes to the time where u must say your opinion. Or in shorter terms i maybe a romantic geek (if such a term can be coined), and am more into cute love stories rather than suppository enduced set-ups.
ok you hate setups, fine, but what do you want to do otherwise? you can either go look for someone to satisfy that need of having a partner, or you can just take what life throws your way.

Option 3 is commenting on your post.
Are you feeling guilty because
A) You feel guilty towards your ex, because you are still devoted to him and even considering someone else constitutes cheating on him.
B) You feel guilty towards the new guy, because you feel it is unfair to check him out while you still harbor feelings for someone else (your ex).

Gigi, curiously

P.S. if it is (A) then girl, you better get over him and get on with your life. You're not cheating on someone if you and that someone are no longer together. You just have to accept it.

if it is (B), then yes it is unfair to put the new guy through the ordeal of being set up with someone who will probably reject him. Resolve your issues regarding your ex first. No matter how nice the new guy is you won't appreciate any of it as long as you still have feelings for another. If you do decide to get to know the new guy, go in with a positive attitude. By that I mean an attitude in which you are eager to find out the good qualities about this guy, as opposed to being indifferent and withdrawn and waiting to see if he can wow you.

P.P.S. Why *did* your ex become your ex?
Purg: i know i know, ur right again
Gigi: I like you're analysis & i am afraid that both A & B are correct, moreover i fear that there is a C,, i don't like to be informed of such events if they are to take place, thats not the way i would like to meet a potential 'partner'. And to answer your Q of why is my ex an Ex, well the honest to God reason is 'maku naseeb'! That is not just something said when 2 break up, bess its also something said when the reasons would make sense to know one reading or hearing them. Makes sense?
Sheba, ok makoo naseeb, that happens, but you need to move on, I did and everyone else who has that experience does. I mean look at what it has been doing to you, and I do not think you like it, so just try and give it a shot, even for a short while, and see what happens.
Worst case scenario, you'll end up with an ex-fiancé.

Not bad really when you think of it - I believe it's the duty of every single girl to make sure that her collection of the ex-s is as diversified and varied as possible. It makes memories more interesting to retrieve later on.
Purg: thank you for your concern, it sounds genuine. But please don't worry, girls bitch to bitch only, its part of our healing process i guess. Plus, as i said, i'm a romantic geek & it will take me 4.5 yrs to get over the ex (as per my October 8th calculation). But, i promise i will get on that horse before the incubation period is up.

Shosho, i'm an advocate of diversity :)
Duhhh, u shouldn`t feel guilty common move on (ma boga be al3omer kether eli motha);p really u have the right to enjoy and share ur life with a new partner ,and think of it like this way/ Will he feel guilty 2 if he is in ur shoe !?!
Sheba, why do you think it "sounds" geniune?
dear sheba
from know on think of all the negative things ur ex use to do..and never go 4 relatives.. if u r to go 4 relationship go 4 fun ones.. get toy boys or barbies.
ready 4 love again
Dear Mosan,

Thank you for the sound advise of not going to relatives ;)

As to toy boys, these arent to be mis-used, they are not for relationships.
Sticky: I hope he does!
go for it

(couldnt think of a better reply l'an feeni inoum)
Maybe think of the present and whats to come
not what has gone behind you.
If you drove a car like that you'd have a nasty accident
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