Sunday, October 24, 2004


1. Before Futoor: Hungry today, sleepy everyday. After Futoor: Busy everyday.
2. Realisation: Horney guys love kids (as in they want to have a lot of offspring).
3. The more Islamic fundamentalism gets a hold on our society, the less Islam (compassion and human values) we see!

1. Before Futoor : Sleepy. After Futoor : Lazy.
2. Explain!
3. Agree.
Just edited #2, so as to say that Horney guys love to have oof spring, i7iboon il yahal & lehum khilg yahal. Moo gasdi inhum pervs. So what do u think?
Probably because it's the best way to distract themselves? Being around kids bring innocense to the picture which will totally distract horney people (men or women).

Just my logical point of view.
Realisation, horney girls love horses -no pun!
before futoor: *stop thinking about girls, stop thinking about girls, stop thinking about girls*
After Futoor: where are the girls?

Oh and your comment about horney guys totally unrealistic.

Oh look a cute kid

Ok this is why i think horny guys (& gals) like kids:

Survival of the fittest instincts. The stronger your instinct to breed, the hornier you are.

Ego: ISTEGFER ALLAH! Hathi suwalif gabl il futoor?
Super ego: la 7aya2 fil deen!
Hey Sheba..

reminds me of one of our Phone calls ;) when I once told you that I wanted to have 4 and you insisted that I have 6 because "they are half a dozen" & "lamma elkbar yetezawjoon, bythaloon gheirhom ymlon elbait" :p

mmm here are my list of "things", however I have a few minor adjustments

1.After S7oor: Reading/calling DHL & bugging them about my parcels..I finally got them wew!
2.Realisation: I worry alot and I need professional help.
3.I had my 3umra on Friday and ended up arguing with one of those **** officials bel 7aram because she decided to call me "haaayh" khair ya3ni? lo inni 7mar ma tkallemni b hal 6ereegah.. effff...anyway I gave her a piece of my mind for the price of my peace of mind, which really wasn't worth it...
LOL... What a topic while we are fasting... Me 2day got nothing to do except watching the stupid series.. mom kicked me out of the kitchen :/... ok!
I forgot to say: "Mbarak 3alaich el-month" or ma tabaga men el-month Sheba ... :)

"More, More, More!"

"How Do You Like It? How Do You Like It?"

"More, Mor,e More!"


PSS ;)
W: hehe i still believe the more kids the merrier! & zain sawaitey bil scarry women ile fil 7aram, i hate them & i especially hate the 7ena bearded pervs there too. There place is not in the 7aram!

Golden: hehe madri laish bess yawa3teeni, & 3elaina o 3alaich.

PSS: Are you reciting your after futoor rituals? ;)

CN: Crappy_Nappy (pampers?)
PSS.. It took me a while to figure out what you were talking about.

For the rest of you, those were the words of an old 70's disco hit called "More More More" which I think was performed by a former porn star!

I will look for it to download when I get home!!
As a father to be insh'a allah, all my male freinds pointed out to me that getting a kid so soon after marrige is a good thing as "it will keep her of your back"
Most of my female freinds say " you did not get enough time to enjoy the marrige"
We are from Mars and you are from venus! :)
Toon! Welcome to the blog :)

So what do you think? Too soon or good timing?
The more Islamic fundamentalism gets a hold on our society, the less Islam (compassion and human values) we see! <----- I totally agree, and I was thinking about it last night, after reading the kuwaiti blogs I was shocked how things had change in Kuwait...we had the extreme and the free ppl that I see in the blog...there no more in the middle ppl ( As our parents lived ).
Toon I think newly married couple should wait at least 6 month ,to enjoy there time togther and to know each other more.
I have been out of kuwait for awhile now..and the blogs are windows of Kuwait.Ma asdeq shono ga3da ashof!
i didnt get the post since im still high on yesterday's shish... will get through it when smoke clears


Guys only appear to love kids so that the girls think they are sensitive.
Does any1 know how I can get more people to view my blog ? =( I am posting every now and then but I feel that no one knows that I'm there... Help!
Shady! Absolutely right!

Rave, dunno but got the hint ;)
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