Saturday, October 09, 2004

Mind Blowing

One of my girl friends confesses to me (infront of 2 other girl friends) that she tried to fantasize about mon ex but that it didn't work because she doesn't know how to fantasize.

Another girl friend wants me to make a poll on my blog asking if people thought she is pretty.

I still did not react.

Whats Mon ex

Bo Jaij
Welcome to the real is worse than a silly cartoon

I'm sure the girls you mentioned are "happily" married
umm trying to figure out what this is all about, I think mon means men, typo, as for the second part, are we going to see a picture of her ya3ni?
yeah, a pic of her will do.
And if she's really concerned about "Oh-they-might-know-me" then tell her to use Hot or not.
i think she means "my ex" , as in mon= french for "my"
hmm, walla ya Cici I do not know much about Gateau :P 7adee bakhsam
Who is this girl asking for a poll on her prettiness? And what does she plan to do with the results?
Tried to fantasize about your ex but didn't work ?

I don't get it ...

ya3ni she was trying to get off with him in mind but she couldn't .. ?
Your friends are weird, how about a section in your collection for "ex-friends" - it might come handy one day.

Anyways - it's not my business.
chocolates :) let the girl fantasize, men 7ag-ha :)
Hi Sheba... I'm new here..
remember one tiny thing... don't be naive and keep girls who actually aren't real friends as they assume to be... obviously, you are a kindhearted person " makoo wayid bel deerah Like your type "... Oo hathy wa7dah men el-typical stupid girls ( sorry for that) Who's trying to tease you... Never show her any hard reaction... ( Fantasize "3ala ra7tech" At least I had him )<< that's what you supposed to say.. ;)

Be good & never give a damn shit about her....

Esoty Lo siento

Choca Loca,

hehe.. Exactly, what kind of Fantasy was she Having ?

Why would we want to know that ?


LOL, I love that Idea!


You... Are... A... Pervert :)

Pink with a Wink ;)
Ok, JUST because the girl fantasized about a guy doesn't make her a bad friend. Maybe she's quite a good friend and she was just being honest, and anyways, she didn't go and mess around with him.. it was just in her head.. so technically there wasn't any stabbing in the back..

What I did wonder about is why would she say that out loud, unless the situation or conversation lead that way in which I would LOVE to be part of YOUR group sheba ;)

On a more serious note, I think it all depends on HOW she said it.. maybe it was just an innocent remark.. OR maybe I'm just too "3adi" about it and shouldn't be :S
Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy! ROFL! Ok Ok, 1st of all mon = my, thank you CiCi.

Guys: i did not pay much attention to the friend who wanted a poll on her beauty.. but when i asked if i could mention her name, she said yes!

MadM: Sadly, yes they are both happily married, but that does not bring self assurance, nor does it mean that girls dont fantasize about men. BUT the weirdness is that she was fantasizing about MY ex!

Chocolates: Yes, she was trying to fantasize about 'other men' while with her husband (to see how men do it).. & 7ayach Allah to our little group! They are a bunch of lunatics, and the more stable they seem to be from the outside, the crazier they are from the inside.

Shosho, Golden, PSS: i aint the jealous type & i took it as a compliment.. but had it been other than this particular friend, i would have rung her neck. But honestly i still find it weird that she can look at my ex sexually! I mean, i cant look or wouldnt look at any of my friend's BFs/husbands/fiance's this way.

Golden: you have a heart of gold!

been in a similar situation, however the so called friend went for it LOL

gal3at-hom :)
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