Sunday, October 03, 2004

I want

At the expo, saw something that i really want. A well built, 80 year old man in a crisp white, well-ironed dishdasha and chraimba pushing his wife in a wheel chair, around the exhibition grounds. They stopped at the stand where i was at, and this was their conversation:

Husband (bending down to speak to his wife softly): Tebeen hatha?
Wife (hair very black, in her best 3abat and cute floral grandma dress that she probably got the material for from Liberty): La shasawee feeh?
Husband: Iktheeh yemkin te7tajaina.
Wife: Madri
Husband (handing over 2 of the items they were debating about to the saleswoman along with 1 KD): hach 7e6eeliahum ib chees.

And they went along to the next stand.

I stood there looking at them and of course neither of them noticed me because each were each other's world. All i was thinking is 'Masha'Allah i want that'.

The husband was too old to push the wheel chair, but he was doing it probably because he doesn't want anyone but himself to push his wife's chair and because he was not used to depending on anyone but himself. It keeps him lively and alife. The husband still sees it as his duty to provide for his wife, even if its something they neither need, but it makes him feel good. She also probably feels very proud that her husband still sees her as a woman and not an old lady that he HAS to take care off. They share. They go to exhibitions just to stay involved in life (rather than wait for God) AND they want to save a few dinars with the exhibition specials. It was a nice day.

And this is what I want.

(Allah ihaneehum & ya36eehum 6oolat 3umr and sa7a o 3afia)

To anyone who read and loved this post by Sheba...

I suggest watching the new movie: THE NOTEBOOK

get two boxes of least
I am tempted to give one of my "negative" comments, but it seems not fair because what is mentioned is not worth a negative comment. Very nice indeed.
I'm 23 and don't have that !

It's so sweet...
Yet I feel so sad... guess I'll never have that :S
Very touching indeed..
Shepa inshalla you'll get that and more (minus the wheel chair)

Purg, you can add this to you "what women want" post :)
that is sweet!
I like.

*PSS Wipes a Tear Away*

PSS ;(
every 1 wish for that love. But in these days no way. iloved notebook movie thats love.
hmm Shrouq, interesting, I did not see it that way, well I did, but once you mentioned the "movie title", it rang a bell :)
Its really nice to see such things in now a days ,
And i want it 2 Sheba but i`m afraid i wont have it cuz alryayeel dayman ymoton gabil 7rimhom ! ;)
Shurouq: AMEN :>

Chocolates: You're too young to lose hope!
Sticky: Thats why you should marry someone younger ;)
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I don't wish to be pessimistic, or to drain this overflow of tears pouring out all over the place, but for the sake of realism, there is a possibility that they are not husband and wife - perhaps brother and sister?
mashAllah :) how sweet ...
We rarely see people the same in Kuwait!
I'm sure u slept with a smile on your face last night ;)
Actually aku nas chethee, i know 2 other couples in the same age group almost.

God Bless & ya Rabi irzegna
Shosho, you just had to be negative :) I held myself, but you could not :) let them dream, la etkhrbeen 3aleeehom ;)
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