Monday, October 04, 2004

Rainbows do Exist

A rainbow is the reflection of light on rain drops. So they appear when its raining and the sun is shinning at the same time. Are our lives rainbows except we do not see them? Perhaps we are looking at the sun light only (very painful) or we are looking at the rain only (very gloomy). If we manage to look at the reflection of the sun light on the rain drops, then we may just always find a rainbow.

Practice makes perfect!

I just remembered the old BBC kids show...Rainbow...with George the hippo...Bungle the bear...and my favourit Zippy
I had a thing for Zippy actually. I used to pretend I was him and zip my mouth up when I was feeling silly.

As for the Post, it was Beautiful. I personally like to see the world through "tears" or "raindrops" everything looks soft, pure, and melancholic. And you know what they say, Behind Every Cloud, there's a Silver Lining :)

Teary Pink :)

ps DAMN those Hormones!
Proper practice makes perfect
Interesting point ...

*thinking deeply*
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