Sunday, October 10, 2004

Breasts or Territory

Couldn't decide which to write about, but since i would probably not be able to write for the next 2-3 days, might as well write about both.

Yesterday we were having a conversation about breasts at my grandmother's house. It turned funny because i was making fun at the different shapes and sizes of my aunts'. When i left i was wondering what makes breasts so errotic to men, yet they can be a source of comedy and/or agony to women.

As to Territory, what are the rules for guys when dating a friend's ex girlfriend/husband? What is the decorum for girls and dating a friend's ex girlfriend/husband?!

LOL you were making fun at your aunts B**Bs... 3ayal mo bas e7na ashwah... 'Cause a while ago I've been thinking !!! Are we the only girls in Kuwait who can make fun of their aunts and mother's B**Bs??... :D
Any way.. Write about both, if you have time to do them.. But I would Choose frankly " territory ", 'Cause you will realize some good stuff after writting it...;)

Best Wishes Kindhearted...

Estoy enfermo....

Well men don't have boobs so we only get to spend very little time with them.

Well for guys dating and ex of another guy its strange. Either its ok but the guy wanting to date has to explain his intentions and get permission first or he doesn't date at all. You see it revolves around the relationship the orignal relationship had and how they broke up and if they are any remaining feelings.

I am not sure how it works for girls cause I dont have boobs...
Breasts look weird most of the time unless you fixed em up with a little implant. To me they look good when a girl wears something sexy and that brings out her body shape and the breasts just add more flavor thats all. :)
1- Not 2 small or 2 big and have 2 be pointy
2- shouldnt date the ex's of your friends if you have any feelings for your freinds.

I do not what to say about the first part on what went on in your grandmother's house, am just amazed :) shocked? not really, but amazed, you know that face with a smile, yet not a smile, eyes open, yet not wide open, you know amazed but not shocked.. yes that face .

I have one rule, which I never ever would break. Never date (befriend, and anything else) an ex. of a male friend, never date (same as before) a relative of a female friend. For several reasons.

1. It is not fair for the other party, even if the break-up was mutual, it is not polite and does not take into consideration their feelings.

2. By looking elsewhere, assuming you want to, you would not think much about the past, and focus on the future. Because if you go with someone who is connected to a friend or relative, the past never leaves and stays stuck inside your chest.

3. You can ruin a friendship or a good relationship between your ex. and their friends. It is not worth it, no matter who the person is, to mess with their lives. If one life is ruined (assuming the break-up was bad), why ruin two (breaking up their friendship)?

Maybe there are more reasons, or maybe the reasons I mentioned might not be important for most, but to me, they form the basis for any relationship I have with anyone, and I have abided by it, even when temptation is around the corner.
I have no time to read all your post .. but all I can say that I love it to be a 32 B or 34 C . Firm and no stretch marks of some fat girls turned thin .

nipples I love is the medium circlar cheerryy nip or the light brown one

Im hungry .. OReo any one ??
Oreos instead of nipples... now that would totally rock!
What if they really like each other ?
What if they are really compatible ?
What if they have fun together ?
What if being together makes them happy?

Why is it their fault that one of them was in a previous relationship that didn't work out with the other's friend?

I think that if handled properly then it really is OK.
Chocolates, you know already my opnion on that, and I still stick to what I said.

Those are my rules, but might not apply to everyone of course
Never venture into the world of Exes..
weja3 raas 3ala ghair sana3
Spoken like an expert :)
Play my game ;)

Gigi, invitingly
All Ive got to say is....

All is "Fair" in Love and War....
sleepless and wandering aimlessly in my cyber world, I came across this blog. it raises several questions, is the male facination with female breasts truly physical or psychological in nature? and are there women out there who are into males breasts? I mean whether they were muscle or fat.. hehe.. twisted but valid.
as for dating ex's.. i believe it's a risk.. sometimes as much as you try to "behave" the chemistry is just too strong.. and technically an ex is a free bird.. if your conciounce is killing you .. then you might as well get permission.. I would rather find out what exactly i am trying to get away with then weigh it against how my friend would react to it.. if it's not worth it.. then it's not worth it .. am I making sense? I am so wide awake and for the life of me I have no clue why..
about the first part i think breasts have been always an erotic subject and still for both men and women! yet you can make fun of them sometimes but i think its depands on their sizes.

about the second part , Noooooooooo ! never
Check those breasts:


Capital W Capital O Capital W!

Breasts are really popular i guess!

Thank you all, old & new and big welcome to new commentators!
Breasts are just beatiful. Just love falling asleep with my face buried in em. Might be something to do with when we were nursing. Am sure if I could recall
I was always happy and contented when they were around.
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