Sunday, May 07, 2006


I miss you i miss you all & i miss the good ol'days of blogging
for the sake of blogging!

Ok this has to be quick as i can be fired without notice
any time :p


1. I saw the old lady from Bu Naz's movie yesterday at Mohd
al-Sager's diwania & said hello to her- i was very happy to see her.
2. I wanted to spit on all the MPs who stood against women &
women's rights yesterday.
3. I may run for Parliament in year 2021.
4. I wish Jassim Boodai & all those who are & were doubtful of the
modern (7athar) Kuwaiti women were there yesterday to see all the
fashionable ladies sweating in their designer suits last night.
5. I have a very strong & good feeling that we will surprise all in 2007!

Kind Regards,


Welcome back and wow great news! (except for the +weight) hehehe never mind 3indina ow 3indich khair
bora bora,

hi back at you :))))

did you gain 2 grams? :p

missed you too
2 kilo grams ow 3an il te6enniz 'cause I'm freaking out!

1. I love the old lady (allah y6awill ib 3omerha) her daughters and grand daughters must be really proud. Mashallah allah ykhaleeha lihom.

2. I wanted to (booo) when it was their turn.

3. You have my vote itha ma mit

4. E wallah kan 7ar. allah ya36eena il 3afya

5. Amen
P.S. You need to delete a few o's from your post's title.
3afis il template and the side bar is all the way down
welcome back, we missed ya ;*
papi! You were there? Laish ma salamtai 3elai?

Thanks for pointing out the side bar situation, bess mu rathi yet3adal.. so i will leave it cuz it might pass as artsy :p

& thank you for your vote of confidence (Allah ya7yeena) :)

missed u too, shakbarich?
welcome back

I believe there should be more symposiums like the one held yesterday by mohd al sager
the problem with the side bar is the huge mashallaah in the 'umm' post delete a couple of a's and it'll be all good..

(gitlich min zeman bas matsem3een il 7achi)

'sup gina :P
I know you are the brain behind the whole campaign...

I hope the energy level will stay up even if we dont get what we wish for in 15-5
thanks for the good news, wohoo, 2 kgs :)
mosan, i agree

geo i tried it & it didnt work :*

bu jaij, haha yeah right, yes i hope it stays up too (& i think it will)

purg, say something nice or dont at all
That is nice, for me.
Sheba, I went to where that lady was sitting on the demonstration day and kissed her forehead.

You looked stunning last night by the way :)

من وين طالعة؟

أحسن ما في الموضوع انج رديتي

و أخس ما في الموضوع اني مضطر أسوي الوورد فاركاشيون مرة أخرى
Shurouq, sweet :) & thank you :))

kila, merci awee awee. Shakbarik?
ya ebnaya welcome back... basich min hal ge6e3a, miss you girl

ok khanshoofich in 2021 :) start from now :)

your cash is in the -ve!! mo gelnalich khal ensawe shay ..intay morathya.
i dont miss blogging at all!


* Job is great <--- good.. doom but dont let them exhaust you
* Love life is same same <--- o ba3dain?
* Weight is +2 Kg :( <--- LOOOL 7mdella im not the only one ;p
* Cash is still in the negative <-- Allah yl3an abo il ashhom bas
* Hair is longer <--- ME TOO!!!
* Political activity is intermediate <--- ay politics?

we need to talk ASAP! CALL ME
i was shocked by jasoom boodai's interview, the guy is just too much.. im9adig nafsa ma3a il cap..
no coment
hey been a while
Sell out girl, buy your stocks back after the summer. There won't be much upturn laaain Septemberish/Octoberish. Good luck :)
Miss you MORE!!! ;*
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