Thursday, November 02, 2006


1. Dressing Up is so Much Fun
(no wonder its such a fetish)

2. Its the weekend!!

3. I wouldn't know whos who of the pop world anymore

4. I need braces :(

5. For my health insurance, i had to take an HIV test and they measured by bust size (amongst many other tests & measurements)

6. Big is beautiful

2. I still have to work on Thursday :(

3.I don't like pop, so wouldn't care much about it

4. Ouch :[

5. I don't like taking Medical tests..Not my cup of tea

6. that sounds like a Plus size clothing store :)
1.feels good,too

2.not applicable

3.i don't do pop music

4.Been there TWICE

5.i don't like medical tests.

6.not healthy
1. It is ! Plus you always look good . Either oR !!

2. Well !! Am stuck at work :p we finish early tho..! Enjoy Jasmine Tea.

3. POP !!

4. Don't think so !! Will be done with mine in 2 months.. Yupeee !!

5. Ouch !! Hope all is fine !

6. Yeah, it makes one very special in our Skinny World :p
1- oh please..

2- thank God


4- me too.. even though i had them for 7 years, lost my retainers 4 times

5- bupa? i didnt do my blood test yet

6- not according to lagerfeld

btw its W. (other account is dead)

loved the responses!

thank you for sharing them
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