Wednesday, November 08, 2006

frida needs a visit to the 7afafa
who`s she ?? and wasma is not on my msn list ,, " `3ameetha " ;P

just updated my blog ,, have a look guuurl ! ;P

I'm here BB

Sheebs... I second heo!

Wish you were with me at the tate modern the other day
"w" /me teary eyes !! missed you ya shagool !!! where the hell have you been !?!??!!?!? ;**** kisses !!

and who`s that dude ? ehehhhee
I'm here.. just keeping myself busy.. work and "nakad" lol

lol.. his name is "The Jesus".. ull know what I mean if you watch "the big lebowski"
beautifully disturbing :)
Freida Kahlo
هنا الكويت
great artist and i knew her from salma 7ayik movie
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