Monday, November 06, 2006

والله شكلها صج بتصير مملكة

والله شكلها صج بتصير مملكة
1- هل راح نظل أقلية
2- هل من الممكن تسنيع الديرة ولا تنسون نيجيرية
3- شنو موقف الملكية من الجماعات الاسلامية
4- شنو بصير في حقوق الشعب
5- ؟beyonce بصير عندنا تلال ثلج وبيونس
And if you haven't decided where you stand on this - انقر هنا

tara jad a7is bakhtenig
it feels like ياثوم, could ot be the carbs we had yesterday, or the suffocating situation ..!

the question here is; how would ppl react to whats happening ??

will thy have a say ? Protest ..?

Nabeeha Destour !

ma aloomich!

bint ahmed,

i researched what you said about nigeria .. they've been plagued with military coups ever since they got their independence from england .. o 3an il royalty maloot'hom aghlabhom shyookh gebayil so they're not real

fa mara7 inseer nafs'hom .. fa bas

o wain ra7 il spell checked version?
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