Thursday, February 02, 2006

Danish Anyone?

Seriously, if you were not told by someone that these cartoons were of the Prophet Mohammad (S), do they resemble anything other than the typical Western stereotype of a Muslim?

And in saying that "yes this is our Prophet (S)" aren't WE offending him?


If you're a believer, every Prophet of Allah's was mocked, exiled, and tortured, by his people... DID the Quran instruct us or even hint to us that such acts of aggression towards God's chosen messengers is to be reacted to with hatred and violence?

Where in our Holy Book does it teach Muslims to make enemies?

Fights are won on battles.

This battle should have been taken to courts by designated Islamic organizations, and not taken out on Puck or Lurpack, and absolutely not in the form of GUNS and BOMBS.

With that we just reassure the West that we are blood-thirsty, imbeciles.

And last but not least, where were the governments and the parliaments when the cartoons were published? Why is it that only after the Danish Prime Minister refused to meet the Arab & Muslim ambassadors that Saudi Arabia (followed by Kuwait, like a chick following its mother) took note of the cartoons!?

My message to the propaganda machines of the 2 new rulers of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia:

When you have a political issue that you cannot resolve, please don't use us, the people, again!

Note: reading the papers this morning, i thought "could this be the anti-Christ?" After all, in this day and age, i don't expect our religions' teachings to be shown to us by Allah literarily.

No thanks, I ate local eggs from a local chicken.
Salute to that.
الليبرالية دايما وابدا سبأ :)
انا متكلم في بوستي بهالموضوع حياج وعلقي لكن بصور مختلفة نوعا ما
جيم كيري مثل فلم اعتقد ذا مايتي محد اعتقد او سوا بروبوغاندا وكتب سليمان رشدي محد قاطع برطانيا
اهو خطأ لكن طريقة المعالجة خطا اكبر
للاسف الموجة صايرة مثل تسونامي محد يوقف بويهها
خل الموجة تنسحب وبعدين نشوف شنو ينقال
كاه برنسا نشرت
خلينا نشوف شنو بيقولون
have you seen the cartoons?
i like the first half of the post and like to see more analysis ans thinking about the prophets philosophy in dealing with insults and harrasments

keep it up

The whole issue has reached epically hysterical and ridiculous proportions. I have only three rational (I hope) points to make, addressed to all sides:

1st: No silly cartoon drawn in ignorance should be able to shake or disturb your fundamental faith, whatever it may be. And please, we Muslims and Arabs should search within ourselves to ask if we have not been just as derogatory or offensive in different ways towards the religious belief's of others - heck, even within our own religious sects for pity's sake!

2nd: Have some respect for the beliefs of others even if you strongly disagree with them, whatever your moral imperative may be. Don't be deliberately provocative with a firebomb of an issue when you know what the reaction will be. That is just ill-bred, irresponsible, and stupid. No excuse for that in today's world.

3rd and last: Two wrongs don't make a right.

And oh yeah, I miss Lurpak!! Please bring it back!

MsB, who loves Danish pastry and dairy products and has Danish/Kuwaiti friends...

P.S. Does this mean I am not supposed to go to Ikea anymore too?
Tikfain Sheba read this:

وما نطالب به نحن كمسلمون

اولا : الإعتذار الرسمي من ملكة الدنمرك لنبينا صلى الله عليه وسلم ولنا كمسلمين

ثانيا : التعهد الرسمي بعدم تكرار ذلك

ثالثا : الإعتذار الرسمي من الجريدة التي نشرت الرسوم الكركتيرية

رابعا : معاقبة الجريدة والتشهير بهذا العقاب علناً

خامسا : معاقبة الصحفي الذي نشر هذه الرسوم ومعاقبة رئيس تحرير هذه الجريدة معاقبة علنية وأخذ التعهدات عليهم بعدم تكرار ذلك

مع العلم انه حتى بعد هذا كله يجب ان تستمر هذه المقاطعة إلى الأبد لكي يكون ذلك عبرة للبقية

فلن نكون متسامحين هذه المرة معهم يكفينا طيبة وتسامح جعلتهم يظنون أننا جبناء

That is ridiculous!

3indihom Freedom of speech. Don't expect their government to control what they print in their papers!

are you people really expecting the government to apologize for a Danish newspaper?

What were you thinking
shagool ghair "ahh yal dinya"
Just read nice's post, & here was my reply to him, and i think t would suffice here too:

1. iljahala ma yegron, bess ishoofoon suwar

2. Aku jaliah 3arabia muslima kbeera fil denmark (mainly Iraqies)

3. The UKs Prime Minister did not refuse to meet the Muslim Ambassadors, because he wasnt even asked to take action. (re. Salman Rushdi)

4. Denmark has less political power than the UK or USA so it was an easy target
eating more local eggs today too
salamat galbich min il "aah" ;*
most of the time i respect and agree with you.. i liked the first half of your post.. no offense, but i found the ending and your so-called message a bit immture.. but hey :) thats only my opinion.. dont misunderstand me I agree that whats going on isn't right..
Yes please, I likey!! =)
ra7at 3alaik ya sadafco
Excuse me but I haven't checked the tags, in order to put that as a direct link.

I know that some people around the arabian/islamic world are acting just as arrogant, and absent minded as the people who came up with these ridiculous images. But then again, they're stupid and blameless for that.
They should be informed. It seems that the cartoons put forward the way the "west" or where ever besides here thinks of our peoeple as beings hard-wired to terrorize as terrorists. And that's exactly being proven by the people who resort to violence.

That's just plain and simple a retarded move.

So I would say I have to agree with
silly's post.
من غرائب الصدف ....ان جمعية كيفان التعاونية والتي تمثل المد السلفي المتزمت ...لم تقاطع المنتجات الدنماركية !! هي ارسلت الى الفتوى والتشريع وادارة الافتاء تستفتي عن مشروعية اتلاف بضائع تم شراؤها بمال المساهمين من غير وجه حق ....الجواب المفاجأة انه لا يجوز اتلاف البضائع !!! ... وعليه قامت الجمعية بوضع المنتجات الدنماركية بمكان خاص وكتبت هذه منتجات دنماركية ....

السؤال هو : هو لدينا نوعان من الدين الاسلامي في الكويت ؟؟؟

الملالوة ملؤو الدنيا صراخا وحمسو الناس بالمقاطعة ...وليد الطبطبائي نائب كيفان من اشد المتحمسين للمقاطعة حتى انه وكل محامي برفع قضية على الدنمارك باعتباره متضرر عما نشر لجده !!
الخطب والدروس والمواعظ كلها تحمس وتجير المقاطعة .....ثم تاتي جمعية كيفان معقل السلفية والتزمت ولا تقاطع...
.. !!
المتزمتين دائما يهاجمون الحكومة بانها لا تاخذ براي ادارة الافتاء ...وهاهي الادارة تفتي بحرمة اتلاف البضائع ...لكن هل سمعو ؟؟ لا بل استمرو بما كان يخططون ...... وطز بادارة الافتاء اذا ما افتت على كيف المتزمتين ....يبوون فتوة تدمر ..تحرق ....تحارب ... تذل البشر ...بس فتوى عقلانية اسلامية ..لا !
يا اخوان احترمو عقولنا ....وقولوها بصراحة ...ان التجار المتضررين هم من كيفان !!

وسلملي على الاخلاق الاسلامية وسلملي على الاستعباط على مستوى شعب ...ويا امة ضحكت من جهلها الامم !!

tmannaitek ma3ay wallah!!
ماما سبأ
بليز بوست جديد
That picture just made me hungry :(
Sheba! Wainits?
وينج سبا
دري بالج ترى يشيلونج عن عرشج اذا تأخرتي
وبعدين ليكون نزلت السوق اثرت فيج وأعلنت افلاسج
ترى نعين ونعاون :)
Sheba anyone?
Sheba! yullah!

Please come back :(
There are 5 explanations for this absence:
1. You got married.
2. You got bored of blogging.
3. You hate us.
4. You travelled to no-internet land.
5. You're lazy.
come back :(
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