Saturday, March 25, 2006

Brokeback Mountain


Evidently, 8 Oscar nomination, 6 Golden Globe Awards (including for the best film), and numerous more worldwide nominations, prizes and global recognition is not enough to bring Brokeback Mountain to the big screens of Lebanon.

I watched this movie last night, and loved it. Yes, it was a bit too slow, and some scenes were cliche-ish, BUT its an amazing love story and guess what? Its banned in Kuwait, the country where its poilicemen are dressed in a manner very close Freddie Mercury in concert.

oh I heard about this movie. I really want to see it.
hello papi,
Yes you should watch it. I'm sure there are many in Kuwait who go through the experiences of the gay couple in the movie
I looooooooved it! beautifully shot and heartbreaking love story. a landmark film!
It's really a shame that the movie has been banned in Kuwait. LOVE IS LOVE!
Amazing love story??????

between two men, which is againest nature and logic?

what's amazing about it?
ولوطاً إذ قال لقومه أتأتون الفاحشة ما سبقكم بها من أحد من العالمين، إنكم لتأتون الرجال شهوة من دون النساء بل أنتم قوم مسرفون، فما كان جواب قومه إلا أن قالوا أخرجوهم من قريتكم إنهم أناس يتطهرون، فأنجيناه وأهله إلا امرأته كانت من الغابرين، وأمطرنا عليهم مطراً فانظر كيف كان عاقبة المجرمين
The DVD is on sale at Dubai airport
What a great movie, it showed that love between two men or two women are totally natural.
I watched it like 10 times.
Every time I love it more.
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