Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sand Nigger

As a sand nigger, do i qualify to call an African American "nigger"?

I hate saying that word.. its just as bad as saying "9lebee"

wv: rejoto (risotto bel hindi)
of course i do not want to use it in a bad way!! When black ppl say it to each other its not considered bad. So is sand nigger considered dark enough to say it without it being an insult?

wv: yzbifz (go figure)
would you call me a sandnigger? yakhtee hal kelma shainaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. kitha 7atta sam3eyyan shaina
no i wouldnt call u a sandnigger cuz ur a different race
sand niggers = lighter versions of nigroz = ARAB
Never use the word.
i never heard sand nigger before.. ive heard of rag head though..
The concept is very simple.. "only black race can use that word among them selves, and not any other race".. see how easy it is? :)
afa 7asafa

i would love to hear the answer from an African American
An 'African American' office mate is answering this question for you. He says,
"It's very offensive. They're trying to get most rappers and singers to stop using it in their songs. Using the 'n' word shows how you feel about African Americans; that they are not in the same class as you. You must have low self esteem to think that YOU are a sand 'n'. In America you'd be considered an 'Arab', like it or not, and well respected. Afro Americans have come along way to be called "afro americans" and in no way, shape, or form, let anyone use the word."

Basically, he says that it's not acceptable to the majority of black americans... that amongst themselves they are ashamed of the ignorance and dis-respect exhibited by the younger generations that use this word.

I think that's a resounding NO! Brave question though.
I thought it was obvious.
I never heard that african americans think it's ok to be said amongst them, meaning from black american to another black american.

That word is only used in hate, from what I know. Most rappers use it in order to offend some.
Others may use it lightly towards friends.

But I really thought it was REAL obvious.
Actually in America you'd be considered a "Towel Head" or a... a "Kuftah"

ya 7ayati bza3hmohom masabbah!

in islam we respect others and we have to talk with them with their favirot name not something heart any one
lmao @ kuftah !
sorry , but that is rather funny:P
not unless you're in the mood for a big can of "WHUP-ASS"!!
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