Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lotsa Lotsa Change!

Pray for me please!

Love you all & miss you.

Thank you all for asking about me, i am very well. Had to travel and was working on over drive for a month or so. Things will get better soon.

Back dated updates will come, i promise!

Dearest Sheba,
I'm glad you're doing well.
Good luck

We'll be waiting for you
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Dear sheba,

I am happy to hear all is going well.

Allah esa3dich o esahillich inshallah.

But remember, we'll be waiting :)
am wondering what happend to your friend Wasma
الحمد الله بينت أخيرا
وانشالله عملج يكون ناجح وينتهي وترجعين بالسلامة
واهيج اغنية صابر
يا غايب ليه ما تسال احبابك :)

7amdilla 3la assalama. It's good to see you back blogging :)

Sheboona, don't lie, you're just too lazy to blog.. :P
dear Shebam,

7amdilla 3la assalama and welcome back to the land of living bloggers.
Welcome Back
and I hope the changes always to the best :)
Missed you Sheba :)
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