Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do I..

Do I have to post something smart or witty?

How about a boring post today, like hmmmph cant think!

But hey, how many of you get aroused when receiving a professional massage?

*just saw someone (in Khaleeji dress) pick his nose in the Arab summit!

mo 3aib .. it's not like he's wiping his ass on live tv
allah yigta3 ibleesich sheba :-D

No you don't have to post something smart and witty.. It's good enough to know you're still there even if it's only to tell us that you saw someone picking his nose. It sounds interesting so YAY!

Love the question! :-)


The head of the Bahraini delegation dozed off during one of the speeches while the camera was focusing on him!

Ithahir too much partying in Sudan the night before!



so why dont you answer it?
haha yeah i heard, 7asafa i missed it!
YES YOU DO SHEEBA!!! or risk being labeled a BIMBO!!!!!!!!!!

or knafa wife.. tsadgeen.. lets get back to bashing knafah wives.. feeni mood la2amah

if you want boring, tekfain talk about a lost love or a perfect relationship willa one of those "i love you u love me were a happy family" posts on one of those "oh were a happy couple, so envy us" blogs.. yakhty y7awmoon il kabd widdik mn ygoolhom "HAH"*

*symbolizes a hand gesture.. mala da3ee nedkhel bel tafaseel

tara 3ala fekra,, hal post ghair mfaltar.. ya3nee khethee o khalleeee
Catch-22 afa! are you making fun of my blog? afa bas afa

ma hagait-ha mennis <-- is that right?
ya papilonaaaaaaaa

takfain wshloon im making fun of ur blog? LOOL yumma gabbaiti feeni! please read my comment again :p

o b3dain amak anti relationships?? :p affa ya thal 3elm!
ROFL catch-22 tawni agrah ur comment 3adil

Papi, why do u think catch means ur blog?
Hahahahaha you're right! I had nothinng to do last night, might as well start some drama :p

Mako salfa gilt anajirha shway
I pass out and fall asleep during massages. I'm told I even snore!
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