Wednesday, March 22, 2006


what was i gonna say?

umm yeah so i've been home since last night, which reminds me was beautiful.. went to dinner with my family and DAD CAME WITH US!

I think this is the second time that dad goes to a restaurant in Kuwait since the invasion!!!!!!! MASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Yeah, and as you can tell by now, i have some time on my hands AND its Wednesday night. Loser? Maybe!

Oh, remembered what i was gonna say, so last week i bump into a good friend, you know the kind who's very sweet, and you value greatly as a person, but never get to see much off? So he calls me aside, and asks me "are you Sheba?" and I said "yes". He told me that he found out from one of my posts which coincided with something that he knew.. & i told him that its not much of a secret and that most people who know me do know my blog ID.................................................. Which brought me to ask him "are you a blogger or do you just read?" he said he was a blogger and he wouldn't tell me who he was, but i could guess it! I must say, i have not done a good job so far..

Catch-22 i must enlist you to help!

what restaurant 3ad?
yummie restaurant
Oh mabrook! :)

I get that a lot "Are you papillona?" lol YEAH! and I ask "what's your blog?". I never asked "do you have a blog or you're just a reader" Because that question will let them choose "just a reader" as a better answer.

but the answer I got

"I dont have a blog I just read and comment sometimes.."

Me: and what's your nickname?

"uhh.. I don't remember"

obviously, they don't wanna say! I mean how can you not remember your nickname? lol so typical hiding behind masks in this society

anyway, I'm glad you had time to blog. If you think that makes you a loser? You shoud see me! I spent the whole day in bed.
7ayyallah Sheba
3ash min 'shafich'

A belated congrats on the new job dear and best of luck

At least your fried picked up the phone and asked you about it..
I get comments from people who obviously know me but won't reveal their identities..
They're playing with my head and I think they think it's cute.
"I think this is the second time that dad goes to a restaurant in Kuwait since the invasion"

Isn't that weird? So many dads don't go out with their families. Why is that? :/
3baid, you're right! is it the invasion or is it that (malhom khulg) anymore?
يا حظي وشفينا للحين ما عرفناج
مع انه مرة كنت قاب قوسين أو ادنى اني ارعفج يوم المحاضرة في كلية التربية بنين بس كنت مستعييل وما نزلت
وبعدين ليش مو حاطة ميلج يالسرية :)
ياني اكره الاحرف كل مرة نعلق لازم نحطها
dont even start with the identity thing...mabigah a77ad ma3araf mino ana. But I think it was my fault i revealed a lot right from the start...didnt know the rules of blogger anonymity...found them out a bit too late though.
since u gave up, its me am the one

about bloggers identity i think its like irc...most of the ppl there used to know whois is who

its only a matter of time

i second nice on the word verifcatio n
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