Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Vacuum of Women Who Lunch & Men at Sharm

When at Salhiya I tend to see married women with their mothers. And

at a nice restaurant, i see married men, with their buddies.

When in London, i see more segregated families where the wife is shopping as the man is somewhere else in the world. Its as if it is a transactional relationship, and the trade off is money versus freedom or freedom versus freedom.

However, when you look deeper, you realize that the trade off is as such:

"We do not get a long, we do not have fun in each other's company, we have an emotional vacuum, so why don't i fill it in the best way I know how, while you do your thing and we don't ask questions."

Would you actually consider that as a healthy relationship? I feel sorry for the couples who actually go about thier relationship in that manner without spending any time together! Where is the love?
shil fayda married? ag3ad ibbait oboy abrakli
there is no love,
these are marriages of convenience.

That is the source of the emotional vacuum
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obviously she found a convinient way to fill up the void.. which he did too.. i dont hear them complaining

so why is everyone who posted above me critisizing them?
The secret to a successful marriage is male domination.
Wife: I love this!
Husband: No dear, that's not worth buying.
Wife: I know it's expensive but I really want it.
Husband: They're ripping you off, pick something else.
Wife: But I came all the way here for this and it's the only store that sells what I want.
Husband: They're fooling you, I've seen the same one in another store and it cost half as much! Lots go.

The next time she decides to shop, she'll go alone :P



i agree as much as i hate to say so!


why generalize?
Dear a3sab,

i didn't, and am not generalizing.

I am talking about a very specific transactional man/woman relationship.
ya i guess.
they call it marriage of convenience
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